Saturday, June 11, 2011

In love with a pink gooey goodness

I never thought that I will fall in love with marshmallow. True, I have been fond of munching on marshmallow since I was a kid. Then I discovered CHOCOLATE FONDUE and I just can’t stop craving for marshmallows. But soon, I grew tired of this soft gooey snack and moved on to munching other evil goodness.  
Then one fateful day… I went to MUJI (for the first time here in the Philippines).
I am not very fond of the store as I find the items there ridiculously overpriced. For generic looking office/home/everything else items, people are paying way more compared to buying branded ones. Also, the color options are very limited (even for me who only acknowledges white, black, brown, blue and red as colors).
And since I am getting turned off by the price tags (though I still bought a bookend since I really really need one to organize my files), I decided to check the Muji food rack as I heard a lot of rave about it.
I got curious with the marshmallow for it looked so… fluffy and pink. Okay, perhaps the girly girl in me suddenly popped out and that what made me decide to buy it.
 Oh my marshmallow heaven goodness~~~~~ it is sooooooo good. The strawberry… uhm, jam is so good and it goes well with the fluffy chewy marshmallow. Though I find it a bit sweet, I still can’t stop myself from getting more.
And since I got addicted to it, I went back to Muji to buy another pack just to find out… THEY RAN OUT OF IT. I then bought the lemon flavor on sale (meaning it will expire soon) and a pack of strawberry mallows with strawberry cream (totally different).
I am still craving for that strawberry mallow with strawberry jam filling. Wait, how do you call it anyway?

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