Sunday, June 12, 2011

2nd's please!

To celebrate our first big event this 2011, our boss treated us to 2nd’s in High Street (formerly occupied by Mag:Net).
We were greeted by BIG wooden doors (and heavy) doors and behind those doors is a really uh… brown space. It is like being transported to the setting of The Godfather (which I find quite cool).
The servers were quite quick (probably because there were only to other tables to wait). We were quite famished so while waiting, we ordered for Bacon Chicharon. Come again? Bacon Chicharon??? Why yes, served with muscovado mustard and spiced vinegar, it was one of the highlights that lunch.
Bacon Chicharon
My colleagues ordered Three Little Pigs Kawali (PHP598), Red Horse Fish and Chips (PHP520), and Summer Grilled Pork Chops (PHP420).  I ordered Healthy Chicken (PHP485) because it is… healthy (or so what the menu claims). It also has two pieces of hash brown that turned out to be radish.
Three Little Pigs Kawali
Red Horse Fish and Chips
Summer Grilled Pork Chops
Healthy Chicken
The Healthy Chicken was very delightful. It was a bit sweet (because of the honey) just the way I like it. The chicken was very tender as well. The side dish with arugula was a great addition to the dish.
I managed to taste the other dishes and my favorite is the pork chop. Quite sweet and sour because of the pineapples, it was one oh-so-good meat. The fish and chips were good as well. Do try the fries for it has an interesting taste (warning:  Quite SPICY!). On the other hand, the lechong kawali was a bit dry.  
Leche Flan Turon Ala Mode
For dessert, we had Leche Flan Turon Ala Mode (PHP235). After one bite, my boss ordered another one. Yes, it was that good. WE JUST HAVE TO HAVE MORE! While munching on this sweet and crispy mini turon with leche flan inside sprinkled with chocolate shavings and topped by vanilla ice cream, we all wondered how they managed to put the leche flan inside for we all know that it should melt. Then again, how do people make fried ice cream? Oh how I miss KIKU.
Verdict: The place is very nice and it is a place I'd love to visit again. The food's great too though the price though is not very student friendly. Next time, I'll try the other desserts.

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