Monday, June 20, 2011

High with Hainanese chicken

Thanks to my mom’s friends, we were able to discover this hidden treasure in front of the Robinsons Galleria supermarket. There lies a small restaurant with glass walls. The name of the restaurant is… you guessed it HAINANESE DELIGHTS.
The restaurant offers mostly chicken dishes. We had Hainanese Delights (their most ordinary yet best selling dish), Hainan Fried Chicken and The Singapore Staple (which was basically just noodles with Hainanese Delights).
To all rice lovers, for every order of Hainanese Delights and Hainan Fried Chicken (and for some of their other entries), you get UNLIMITED RICE. Yes, it’s not only in a certain inasal or Japanese store can you get unlimited rice. What’s even more delightful about this is that the unlimited rice is not your ordinary white rice. It has butter and it goes really well with the ginger sauce they have. It is truly something that will make you eat more.
Sorry, we were so hungry that I just took a group shot instead.
Moment of truth.
The Hainanese Delights looks like your typical boiled or steamed chicken. But it has a different taste. It has a light sweet taste that is further enriched by soy sauce or the ginger sauce. Because the taste is quite light, you will not get tired of it easily.
As for the Hainan Fried Chicken, well… it’s not really the fried-meaning-crispy kind of chicken. The chicken is quite the same as the Hainanese Delights only this time, the skin of the chicken is darker because it was supposed to be fried. The taste though is richer than the Hainanese Delights making it more appealing to kids.
Lastly, presenting The Singapore Staple.  To describe it in basic terms, it is your typical Wanton Noodle soup with chicken instead of siomai. It’s actually good, though I needed to add some soy sauce to add more flavor.
All of the dishes we ordered are only PHP120 each and believe me, if you eat like me (meaning an order of Caesar salad is enough to make me full), then you won’t go wrong with this one and you’ll even end up having leftovers.
Hainanese Delights is located at the Lower Ground of Robinsons Galleria (in front of the Robinsons Supermarket, the one beside Watsons).

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