Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crispy chicken = Bon Chon

I’ve finally tried the famous twice fried chicken (Korean style of frying chicken) last Friday at Bon Chon’s SM Megamall branch.
The place was pretty small… okay, really small.
We were suckers for couches so we opted to stay at the right side of the restaurant. It was such a hassle though since I had to go around the restaurant just to go to the counter (there is no way that one can squeeze in between tables).
I ordered medium combo of soy garlic seasoned wings and legs and pickled radish and fries as side dishes (to give it a more Korean dinner feel).
Service was pretty fast for we got everything in less than 10 minutes. J
Yey, time to try the oh-so-famous chicken people were raving about.

*Slice slice bite chew chew chew*
Okay, it was really crispy, something kids will really love. But it wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be given all the raves I read about it.
I’m not so sure if I wasn’t feeling well that day but the taste of the chicken was a bit too light for me. It needs a bit more flavor; though my mom and sister find it okay. In fact, my sister loved it.
If ever you go to Bon Chon, do order pickled radish for it goes well with the chicken. (I just ordered the fries to assure me that we won’t starve.)
Price-wise, Bon Chon's chicken isn’t that expensive since it is almost the same as KFC’s. We just find the chicken to be a bit small.
I’ll definitely go back but I’ll probably try their ala carte instead and stay near the counter to make things easier. J

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