Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raising the bar… Barcino

I was lucky enough to be part of the press launch of Barcino in Rockwell. At first I got lost since I hardly dine in the restaurants beside the entrance of Rockwell. But all the guards know where Barcino is so it wasn’t hard to find it. J
I thought that I was late since the invite mentioned 7pm (I arrived 7:45pm from a trade check). Good thing though that they were still waiting for the other guests. While waiting, I was offered some chips and wine. To be honest, I am not really a wine person, and as a person starving, I felt that my stomach rejected the wine. >.<
The event started around 9:30pm (and I am really famished).  They first served an appetizer fondly called as “Smooth Appetizer” which was a fried battered prawn dipped in a squash gazpacho accompanied by Estrella Calacia beer (which can only be bought at Barcino).  Smooth appetizer tasted like calamares but I assure you that the shrimp used was big and fresh. Also, I think that it goes well with the beer.
The next meal was a Mi-cuit with spicy bread paired with Cava Vilarnau from Gonzalez Byass. I first noticed that the toasted bread was topped with pepper and I got worried since I cannot tolerate spicy food. But it was not that spicy at all. Also, when you eat it with the sweet spread, it is actually very delicious. The wine on the other hand is like a sparkling wine... a strong sparkling wine (with 12% alcohol content).

The third meal was scallop with caramelized onion, ginger, and tomato sauce paired with Vallformosa Claudia. The scallop is quite bland so you have to make sure that you cover it with the sauce (which is on the bottom of the bowl). The wine was also a bit too strong for me. >.<

The fourth meal was sea bass with concasse tomato made with vanilla, spinach, and mushroom plus clouds of rice noodles paired with Martin Codax Albarino. This one is the best for me since I love sea bass. It was a bit bland as well but I love bland food for I do not get tired of eating it.

The spinach was a surprise for it added flavor to the dish. The wine was also favored by the press with me since it goes really well with the seafood. The sour kick of the wine brought out the rich flavor of each of the ingredients of the dish.

The next dish for the night was lengua with mashed potato matched with La Miranda De Se Castilla from Vinas del Vero. The lengua was a bit salty and it really has to be eaten with the mashed potato to lower the saltiness.

Last dish (before the dessert) was lamb chop with apple compote with fresh rosemary and turned vegetables paired with Fontal Crianza from Bodenas Fontana. The lamb chop was a bit dry at first but as I cut through the center, it becomes more and more savory. It Is not a seasoning heavy dish that you will get tired of easily. Too bad though that they served this late since we were all too full to finish the dish.

Finally, the dessert was pineapple bomba with crema catalane with fruit pincho paired with Nectar Px. The dessert on a pineapple shell was quite interesting. There were pineapple tidbits with kiwi and strawberry on top of melted sugar. The pudding was too sweet for me though.

As I finished my dessert, I left Barcino with a full tummy yet very eager to go back to try their other meals. But, I will definitely order the sea bass again for it is love.

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