Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's do the ROBOT dance

Who would have thought that behind the glass door on the corner of Makati Ave. lies a cool and futuristic restaurant called Robot?
I am sure that this restaurant already received a lot of reviews from food bloggers for this restaurant has been around for quite some time now but since I am quite a laggard (before!) and since I loved the food, I will still review it. J
Thanks to Unilever, I got the chance to discover the very cool Robot restaurant. At first, we thought that we went to the wrong place because the entrance is something you would not rave about. We were greeted by green glass doors and white walls. What was funny was we thought that the door has sensors and that it was an automatic door. Apparently, the guard was very attentive and has mastered to slide the door like a machine.
When we entered, we can't help but say... WOW!
Cute way to display liquor bottles
Glass ceiling
Ceiling full of light bulbs--and no, not all bulbs work
Anyway, while waiting, they offered a glass of iced tea and some smoked tuna maki. I still remember the taste of the iced tea. It tasted quite “orangy” if there is such a term. It was a tad bit on the sweet side but it was refreshing nonetheless. As for the smoked tuna maki, IT IS ONE OF THE BEST I tasted. It was a bit crispy which was interesting for a maki. It was also tasty enough thus there is no need to look for soy sauce. But what was most interesting about it is that there were petals on top of it and we all asked the server if the petals were edible. Well, the tuna flavor was a lot stronger than the petal that I hardly tasted it.
Smoked Tuna Maki with petals--Sorry for the terrible picture T.T
As the program progressed, Chef Niño Laus (co- owner of Robot) introduced the different dishes they prepared for us but we only got to taste one L BUT, we got one superb dish. We got the chicken teriyaki with wasabi mashed potato. A huwaaaat? on the wasabi mashed potato. Since we were very hungry that day, I find the serving a bit small. BUT THE WASABI MASHED POTATO WAS SO GOOD THAT I COULD NOT HELP HAVE THIS SENTENCE IN ALL CAPS. It was not the spicy wasabi that I know but every spoonful gives a minty cool feel.
Chicken Teriyaki with Wasabi Mashed Potato
Next time I visit, I want to try the desserts. Robot, see you soon!

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