Sunday, February 20, 2011

360 degree approach of Korea (part 2)

Today’s spotlight is on the Korean snack *drum roll* PPEPPERO…

Ppeppero is quite similar to Pocky (the Japanese snack brand). It has various (uh) flavors such as almond, plain chocolate, and hallow pretzel with chocolates as shown below.
I’d say that my heart still belongs to Pocky since it is sweeter than Ppeppero. Aside from that, I find Pocky to be crunchier and more addicting. Also, Pocky has a wider range of flavors compared to Ppeppero but it seems that Ppeppero is getting more and more popular with the help of the KPOP craze. The fact that there is Ppeppero Day also adds up to its popularity.
To those who are not familiar with Ppeppero Day, this is the November version of Valentine’s Day. Celebrated every November 11 (or 11-11), girls and boys give each other Ppeppero boxes to show their love to one another. Interestingly though, this day began differently. It all started in Busan where two high school girls gave each other Ppeppero with a promise that they will be as thin as Ppeppero. No connection to how it is being celebrated now right? J

There is also a TO and FROM on the box since it is often used a gift

Where's the chocolate?
Anyway, I think a lot of people, especially the lovey-dovey ones are waiting for the ULTIMATE PPEPPERO day which is on 11-11-11. I am excited myself. This is the day I could have all the Ppeppero I want and have the “Ultimate Ppeppero Day” as my excuse.

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