Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dieting blah part 1

For some reason, I just could not go on a diet for more than a week. I tried a no-rice diet last month and it lasted for a DAY. The second one was a typical eat-less diet and it lasted for HALF A DAY. But I was getting ahead of my story. This blog is all about my failed diet which lasted for less than 15 hours.
I usually munch on Welch fruit snacks (healthier gummy bears) whenever I get hungry. But there are times when I forget to bring my snacks… when I change bags. Unfortunately, on the day I was on my eat-less diet, I forgot my “survival kit”. Thus I opted to buy coffee from the vending machine (instead of braving the traffic elevator). Thinking that extra sugar will make me less acidic, I ALWAYS choose #5, the sweet and creamy coffee with extra sugar.  
*Inserted P10 and out came the coffee and it was*

Mud water?
I thought that it is just my eyes since I have been starting at the computer for a long time but my eyes did not deceive me. The coffee lacked cream and I was forced to throw it away. So much for pleasing my grumpy tummy. L
Survival tip #1: Eat.
Survival tip #2: Make sure you have extra food on your bag or work area. But make sure that it is sealed.

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