Monday, April 30, 2018

Dumaguete’s famous Sans Rival is now in Manila!

Dumaguete’s famous silvanas is now in Manila and it is expanding at blazing speed! 

Hello, Sans Rival
I was mindlessly browsing my feed one night when I suddenly saw a photo of a familiar facade. It was a photo of Sans Rival in Glorietta. I had to read the captions a few times to make sure I was not mistaken. Sans Rival is finally in Manila!
I hardly visit Makati as I avoid its unbearable traffic. But Sans Rival is a beautiful reason to frequent this business district. And as I try to fix my schedule to drop by the mall that never fails to keep me confused and lost, I accidentally discovered Sans Rival’s newer branch, at Shangri-La Plaza.
I was on my way back to R’s office when I decided to take a quick walk around 5th floor just to see if there are new restaurants. And I saw this blue hue that made me smile like a lunatic. Adorned with welcome flowers, Sans Rival’s Shangri-La branch just opened that same day I passed by. Coincidence? I think not. It’s fate!

Since I’ll be heading to Quezon City, I opted to just get one pack of Original (PHP230/10 pieces) as I was worried that the silvanas might melt. Wrong move. I should have gotten 3 boxes as we could easily finish a box in one sitting. 
One thing I noticed is that the packaging changed from carton and aluminum to plastic with dividers. It’s now more durable and the silvanas do not melt as fast. I also heard that these goodies are still shipped from Dumaguete. 
I’ll definitely be back soon to grab more boxes and to try its cakes.

Sans Rival is located at 5th Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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