Thursday, April 26, 2018

Beat the Heat: Bonchon's Ube Macapuno Bingsu

There's only one thing in my mind during summer. Cold desserts. I seriously think of ice cream, halo-halo and bingsu pretty much the whole time I'm awake (not counting the times when I dream about it). And one yummy and cool treat that caught my eye a couple of weeks back is Bonchon's Ube Macapuno Bingsu

Hello again, Bonchon! 
Visiting Bonchon is starting to become a habit. But this time around, I wasn't there for lunch or dinner-- I was there for dessert! 

I just came from a hefty dinner when I saw mouthwatering photos of Bonchon's Ube Macapuno Bingsu while mindlessly browsing Instagram. And without spending a second to think, I found myself (speed) walking towards the nearest Bonchon. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it only costs PHP99 and it is good for sharing! Or so what the poster says. I opted not to be giddy right away as it may be pocket friendly but not something my taste buds would love.
It took about five minutes before my heat beater was served and the poster was not lying when it said good for sharing. The serving size is the same as a regular bingsu elsewhere. For someone who had two dinners, I definitely needed someone to share this sweet treat with. 

Taste-wise, I loved it! Each bite was filled with complex textures and delectable flavors. The ube crumbs reminded me of my favorite ube cake and its rough texture was beautifully complemented by leche flan and silky macapuno bits. Exciting crunch was brought by rice crispies. And the combination of melon and ube syrup topping the vanilla soft serve ice cream gave this treat a sweet note yet without going overboard. 
But the highlight of this bingsu was its fine milky ice making PHP99 a steal price!

I would definitely add this in my summer diet!

Bonchon has branches nationwide. Click here for the complete list of branches.

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