Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love at First Bite: Bamba Bistro

Our third Aguirre stop is a well-loved restaurant that is known to serve really good pasta and other comfort dishes. And I have to say this now (or forever hold my peace), this was my favorite stop in Aguirre. 
Hello, Bamba Bistro!
The small restaurant has a very warm ambiance that reminded me of La Creperie. There are only a few tables inside and we had to wait for a group to bill out before being accommodated. 

It took a bit of time though (and it was also humid outside) so I asked if we could take the two small tables by the window. The server tried to put the small tables together but given the tightness of the space, she struggled. We then just decided to wait for the table inside the main area but placed our orders beforehand so that we do not have to wait longer. We ordered Duck Ravioli (PHP495) and Huevos Flamencos (PHP210).
We were ushered to our table right after it was cleared and soon, our appetizer was served.
The Huevos Flamencos came in a small clay pot placed on a wooden plate. The chorizo, ham, ground beef, stewed tomatoes combination topped with egg was delicious. 
It went well with the buttered bread and the saltiness of the chorizo and ham were balanced by the tanginess of the tomatoes.
It was love at first bite for the duck ravioli. 
Each ravioli was packed with duck meat and delicately wrapped in al dente pasta. It was well complemented by the saltiness of the ricotta cheese and the creaminess of the sauce while the porcini mushroom added bite to the dish. I could barely smell the truffle oil but it did wonders to the dish as it was superb! K loved the sauce so much that he slurped it like soup!

What made our stay in Bamba Bistro even more memorable is the place's noteworthy customer service. The guy who served our food is so friendly and took the initiative to help me with my food shots. He lifted the plates for me so that I could take photos of the dishes with nice backgrounds. I handed him a tip so that he didn’t have to share it with the others but I saw him put it in the tip box. Bravo! I hope that my food shots make you proud. 
Will I go back? Definitely! I would visit weekly if only it’s closer to my area.

Bamba Bistro is located at 55 Aguirre Avenue corner Arsenio Luz Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City.  

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