Monday, February 13, 2017

First Sip: Black Canyon

I have been hearing that there’s a café in McKinley that offers one of the best milk teas in the metro. Since R and I were already in the area, we decided to head to the popular café to try some of its talked about drinks. 

Hello, Black Canyon!

Black Canyon is located along the strip of restaurants in Tuscany so it is easy to spot this cafe. 
It had simple no frills interiors and the counter was the first thing you’ll see once you step inside. You may opt to order in front or have one of the wait staff approach you. 

I went with the bestseller Cha Thai Yen (PHP120) while R ordered Matcha Green Tea Glacier Frappe (PHP180). We also ordered a bowl of Taro Balls in Coconut Cream (PHP78) as dessert. (We just had lunch at Nihonkai Tsukiji when we dropped by this shop.)

While waiting, R and I took advantage of the free wifi and charged our phones while we catch some Pokemon. 
Our bowl of taro balls was served in less than 10 minutes and it made me realize why it was cheap. The bowl used was small and if you have a  big appetite, you could eat this in two mouthfuls. Taste-wise, it wasn’t that impressive. 
It had a faint taste of taro and the coconut cream didn’t help much. I was also slightly disappointed as I was picturing something like bilo-bilo or rice balls. It was my bad though to expect such from taro balls which was more mushy than sticky. 
R’s Matcha Green Tea Frappe was quite good. It had good green tea flavor and it wasn’t overly sweet. However, I still prefer the siren’s version over this one. 
I had high hopes for Black Canyon’s bestseller but I was disappointed by it as well. The milk tea taste wasn’t that strong. Though I liked that it wasn’t sweet, it was close to being described as watered down.
However, despite a not so impressive first impression, I’ll most likely visit again to try Black Canyon’s savory dishes. I think this place deserves a second chance. And no, it’s not for Pokemon Go.

Black Canyon is located at Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

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