Thursday, September 8, 2016

Freezer Burn's Newest Local Ice Cream Flavors: Ube, Banana and Coconut

They say that ube is the new matcha given the hype it gets abroad. I have to admit, it really is one of the biggest craze to date as a lot of dishes, specifically desserts and drinks suddenly turned purple. It’s just funny how it suddenly became one of the must eat treats when it has been around for decades. Well, I’m not complaining as I am a big fan of ube. And when P messaged us asking if we want to try Freezer Burn’s latest Pinoy creations, we quickly said yes with the assumption that one of the flavors to be released is ube. And we were right! 

Hello again, Freezer Burn!
We were warmly greeted by Chefs Miko and Kristine who were carrying some supplies for the hottest ice cream store in Manila. We all went inside the store that looks like a fridge and had a chat with the brilliant minds behind the innovative concept. 
After a while, we were asked to order whatever we want from the menu. It sure was tempting to order everything but we had to stop ourselves from doing so as we all know how heavy one order could be. 
Some of us ordered Junkie (PHP295), BBPPBB (PHP295) and Ketchup Mayo Fries (PHP295). I decided to just take a spoonful from each order as I wanted to focus on the special flavors—The Good ShepherdWhat’s Up Coconut, and Goin’ Bananas (PHP295 each). Chef Miko insisted though that I at least try the drink so I went Thick Mints Milkshake (PHP250) and The Good Shepherd Milkshake (PHP150). Others also tried the Butter Root Beer Float (PHP250), Orange Cream Soda (PHP250) and Richest Hot Chocolate (PHP200).
First served was Junkie and I have to admit, I’m not really excited to try this one as its description alone makes me feel like it’s bad for me. The ice cream base was a combination of cookies and other junk food hence its name. 
I was surprised though that it wasn’t that sweet at all. In fact, it was pretty good. But the Nutella donut with caramel sauce stole the show from the ice cream as it was simply divine! It was soft and made heavenly by the caramel sauce on top. I wanted more of it but I had to resist as it was not my order. 
The BBPPBB or what I call a tongue twister was served next. Chef Miko is proud of this one as he created the browned butter pecan ice cream out of frustration that there are only a few good butter pecan ice cream available in the market. Served with peanut butter waffle liege and banana, this reminded me of breakfast… a sinful one at that. Sadly, it didn’t leave much of an impression. I guess I’m just not a fan of butter pecan. I enjoyed the waffle though which used the same mix as the donut from Junkie. 
Soon, the stars of the night were served.
The Good Shepherd had an Instagram worthy look with its purple cotton candy and lovely contrast of the ube ice cream and cheese muffins which I thought to be puto. 
The ube taste wasn’t very strong but still evident with every spoonful. 
I liked that it wasn’t very sweet, despite indulging in a spoonful of ube ice cream with merengue bits, making it a great treat for the oldies and oldies-at-heart. I also enjoyed the fluffy cheese muffin which further downplayed the sweetness of the ice cream

Goin’ Bananas was served right after and we were quickly mesmerized by its lovely green color. 
Taste-wise, it was light and refreshing. The tonka bean gave it an interesting vanilla caramel taste on top of the familiar banana flavor. 
It was something I’d love to order during a hot or humid day. The banana tart turon I got though was slightly burnt making it a bit too bitter. 
What’s Up Coconut was served last and was pretty good! This was the flavor I was most interested to try and it did not disappoint. Aside from its attractive ash grey hue, the burnt coconut husk flavor was something I would love to reward myself with after a tiring day at work. 
I was just not too crazy about the calamansi curd ensaymada. The texture was different from what I’d consider ensaymada and the tangy taste of the curd didn’t seem to complement the burnt coconut husk ice cream.
While getting some insider information about the dynamic duo’s future projects as well as Freezer Burn’s expansion internationally, my milkshakes were served. 

My cup of Thick Mints Milkshake was handed first and as a person not fond of mint chocolates, I enjoyed this one. The mint taste was not off at all. It didn’t taste like I was eating toothpaste or slurping mint candies. It had a refreshing light taste perfect to beat the heat.
The adorable ube milkshake was served last and it sure looked photogenic.
Its taste was lighter compared to its ice cream version as the ice cream base was mixed with milk. If enjoyed without cotton candy, I’d find this to be a bland drink. But if you’re the type who likes to get your money’s worth and get your hands (or cheeks) sticky, then the light flavored milkshake would be perfect as it is balanced by the sweet fluffy purple cloud.  
And after all the sweets we have consumed that night, I could not resist munching on the salt and pepper fries of the Ketchup Mayo Fries. I think this should be available a la carte. 

Expect more of Freezer Burn’s creative flavors every quarter. Their next specials will be available just in time for Christmas. 

P.S. If you plan to stop by for dessert, make sure you had a light meal or plan to share your order with someone. 

Freezer Burn is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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