Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Sip: Luna Specialty Coffee

To cap our impromptu BGC food crawl, C and I decided to head to Luna on the ground floor of NAC Building for a nice cup of coffee. It was raining then so it was the perfect last stop. 

Hello, Luna Specialty Coffee!
The place was quite packed around 5:30 pm so we opted to sit by the bar. It wasn’t really a bad idea as it had the best lighting and we could watch the baristas in action. 
Since I was full, I was a bit fickle-minded. After a few questions, I settled with the limited edition Ethiopia Wild Cherry (PHP200) thinking it would be interesting to blog about a limited offer. But I came to my senses and went with the bestseller The Luna Brew (PHP130) instead to be paired with my Inutak Ube (PHP65). C went with Flavored Latte with Honey (PHP150) and Leche Flan Yema (PHP65).
Our drinks and kakanin shots were served within 10 minutes and after a few snapshots here and there, we started to indulge.
My cup of coffee was quite strong that I had to put a few teaspoons of muscovado in. I was worried that it would make me acidic as I just had gastroenteritis a few days ago. 
But despite its strong taste profile, this cup of coffee didn’t make my sensitive tummy grumpy. 
It also complemented my kakanin shot. 
Speaking of kakanin shot, my inutak ube was like inutak cupcake. It wasn’t gooey in texture and I was surprised that there was a chiffon layer in between the coconut and ube layers. 
In terms of taste, it was just okay as you could taste the coconut and ube flavors but for it to be called inutak is close to libel. 
As a big fan of inutak, to the point of braving the Greenhills traffic just to get a box or two of this delicacy from my favorite vendor, I was disappointed with this one. 
The Leche Flan Yema had the same texture as the inutak. It was a bit dry because of the chiffon layer and it also reminded us of cupcakes. (I guess Slice's influence on Luna’s pastries is pretty strong.) The leche flan’s texture was all wrong as it was very hard and dry. It was not creamy at all. I enjoyed it though with the yema base and caramel syrup. It was also sweeter complementing my black coffee.
C’s cup of coffee was served on a glass container similar to those candy canisters used by sari-sari stores. It didn’t have a handle on it so it was challenging for C to hold her cup of hot latte. She didn’t really comment much on her cup of coffee so I guess it was pretty good. The glass was the only mistake there. 

While chatting with the baristas, we found out that they have a live band every Saturdays and on some other days of the week. Also, this particular branch has a slightly different menu compared to the Luna branch in High Street. And the sweetest part is that drinks and food here are cheaper! Yay!

Luna Specialty Coffee is located at Ground Floor, NAC Building, 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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