Monday, June 27, 2016

First BIte: Uma Uma!

After getting a few sips from my Aphrodisiac drink from Horse's Mouth, I moved to Uma Uma's bright dining area for some yummy treats. 

The interiors of this area is different from Horse's Mouth. It was a lot warmer and brighter. They made use of lighter colored wood and it had a stronger Japanese vibe to it.
After a few minutes, A arrived and we ordered the Uma Uma Ramen (PHP360) and One-Bite Gyoza (PHP140). A also asked for House Tea but he was informed that there is a PHP35 charge per glass. 
While waiting, A mentioned that he's curious with "Hakata-Style." I told him that it must be referring to the area in Fukuoka called Hakata. Perhaps it originated there. Not really sure as I'm just after the food and I don't really care where the food comes from or what cooking style was used as long as it's good food! *uncultured foodie*

Service was very prompt and our food was served in less than 5 minutes. 
A requested for an extra bowl and spoon so that I get to try the Uma Uma ramen and I was thankful for that as the ramen was good. 
It deserves a solid 4 star rating! The broth was flavorful but not cloying. The ramen noodles were firm and hard just the way I like it. The chashu was succulent and very tender! I liked it! 
The one-bite gyoza was cute and definitely bite size. It was juicy and meaty. It was at par with Kitchitora's and Ippudo's. 

I read a review saying that service was bad and that the servers do not know how to speak in English. I guess that looloo-er was referring to the Japanese staff. It was not that he was rude but it must be because of the culture difference and language barrier. The staff's accent was very thick but he was all smiles when he repeated "cold or hot" water when I requested for a glass. 
As mentioned in my review for Horse's Mouth, it will take me a while before I visit this place again as there is not much to see... yet.

Uma Uma is located at 2nd floor, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Coral Way, MOA Complex, Pasay.

Uma Uma Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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