Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Bite: Flatiron

It was my mom's birthday a few Saturdays ago and we celebrated it at my aunt's place who prepared a seafood feast. Since the feast was for lunch, I invited my mom for a part two celebration at Flatiron. 

Hello, Flatiron
This was my second time visiting this restaurant. I went last week but no dish caught my interest. Also, their bestseller beef brisket was out of stock that time. Luckily, it was available last night. 
We sat at the table with the Uptown Mall fountain as our view. The small lights on top of our table seemed busted and kept on flickering making us dizzy and disoriented. We requested for it to be turned off before one of us pukes or something. They obliged but turned the lights on again after a few seconds. The on and off of lights happened thrice and it made me snap and told them with a very firm voice to turn it off. And they finally did and kept it off throughout our meal. 
We ordered Garlic and Rosemary French Fries (PHP180), Flatiron Beef Brisket (PHP850), Pizzaiola Pasta (PHP395) and Chicken Piccata (PHP450). Since the prices of the drinks are unreasonable, we didn't order any and just had filtered water. 
Our order of fries was served first and it was quite good. It was crisp and dashed with rosemary
It also went really well with the thick garlicky dip. Serving size seemed to be a bit stingy for its price. 

The mains arrived next.
The Flatiron Brisket came with a few thick cuts of U.S. beef brisket slow-cooked for 6 hours then seared on the griddle , red and brown rice, baby corn and shredded carrots and cucumber. 
My mom was worried with the beef brisket from being too dry given that it didn't come with gravy on the plate. But it was delightfully juicy and flavorful. R enjoyed the baby corns while my aunt who was also with us ate the shredded veggies. It was a good dish. It would have been great if it was not too salty and if there were no burnt parts. Some of the sides and the smaller cuts were burnt. 🔥
The chicken piccata, thinly pounded and breaded chicken in butter and lemon juice with lightly seasoned pasta, was tangy! And i loved it! The strong tangy and buttery taste of the chicken was offset by the blandness of the pasta. My sister hated it though as it was too tangy for her. If you're health conscious, try to dab off some excess butter from the chicken as this dish is really buttery. 
The bowtie pasta topped with napolitaine sauce, bell peppers, salami, bacon and cheese was the answer to foodies' request for pizza pasta. Can't decide if you want pizza or pasta? Then this is the dish for you. 
This dish was the best one that night. It wasn't too salty and the pasta was cooked al dente. However, it lacked the gooey cheesiness goodness of pizza
Before heading out, my mom was given a complimentary Salted Chocolate Ganache Tart and it was great! It was smooth and had a rich and slightly dark chocolate taste. The tart was nice and crisp and we enjoyed it with the caramel syrup on the side. 

Overall, it was a good meal. But I don't think I'll go back anytime soon. I'll let a few months pass and give them time to adjust their recipes and hopefully beverage prices. 

Flatiron is located at Ground Floor, Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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