Monday, December 7, 2015

Green Tea Heaven: O’sulloc Tea House

Hipster. That’s how R described this quaint tea shop known for its wide range of teas from Jeju Island. Yes, I’m talking about O’sulloc Tea House.
Hello, O’sulloc Tea House.

The two storey high tea shop was quite packed on a rainy Saturday night.
It has a wide range of teas and sweets displayed on the ground floor. The packaging of its teas is also so adorable, perfect as Christmas gifts! (I personally love its Wedding Tea. It smells so great!)

Since we were still full from our Jjimak dinner, my mom and I decided to share a glass of King O Fredo (8,500₩) while my sister opted to get Jeju Milk Ice Cream (6,000₩).
While waiting, I explored the tea shop and went up to the second floor.
And it has a different feel to it. It was warmer with its wooden interiors. It also has interesting wall details and I spotted a door that says OSULLOC LABORATORY. It must be where tea magic happens! *drools*

When I got down, our tea treats were ready to be enjoyed.
My sister’s Jeju Milk Ice Cream had a light creamy taste. I liked the consistency of the ice cream too. It was smooth and not icy at all. I also enjoyed the dash of green tea powder on top to add flavor to the lightly flavored ice cream.
The King O Fredo was something else! It was tagged as one of their best treats and they were not kidding. I loved the mix of textures of the smooth matcha ice cream, roughness of the azuki beans, softness of the green tea cake cubes and the crunchiness of the almond toffee crunch.
The green tea ice cream is definitely worth mentioning and visiting! It was not overly sweet like most of the ones we get from typical ice cream stores. It was also not as hardcore as the one from Sweet House ChaCha in c!tysuper Hong Kong
In short, it was just right and simply… delectable!

In fact, it was so good that when we reached half of the glass, I was regretting sharing it with my mom. (Glutton problems.)
I’ll definitely visit O’sulloc again in my next Seoul adventure.

O’sulloc is located at 47-1, Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. For inquiries, contact them at +82 2 774 5460.


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