Thursday, December 10, 2015

Second Bite: Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café

Manila is turning into one big foodie destination. With several restaurants opening here and there, it is so hard to decide on where to eat. I am already getting frustrated that I am finding less and less time to explore new restaurants and the fact that for some reason, fats find its way to chill on body parts I wish they would never find. Curse you slow metabolism! Anyway, I got so giddy when R mentioned that his Chichi group will meet up for dinner last Monday because that means dinner out! (Yay!) I was so excited with the idea of eating at Genki Sushi since that was what R recommended. But come Monday, it was decided that we’ll have dinner at… Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café.
This time around, I got to see the third floor of the restaurant/bar. The third floor, unlike the set-up on the ground floor, was definitely more of a bar with its neon light wall décor, dim lighting and actual bar. I didn’t take photos of the place since it was quite dark and I was more interested to listen to R’s Chichi friends’ stories. (Yes, connected to the real world!)
Hungry, R already knew what to order—Pinoy Steak & Egg (PHP380). I went with Bagnet Breakfast (PHP395).

It’s so fascinating though how restaurants service slows down when you’re very hungry. It happens to me most of the time. And Unit 27 was no exception. Our food arrived after 30 minutes! It took them that long to prepare our food. >_< We were so hungry that it made me exert extra effort to take quick photos of the food.

After a few clicks, it’s dinner time!
My house dried pork belly was quite good. It wasn’t overly dry that would make my throat itch. I loved that it was crunchy all throughout and no part was chewy. I alternately dipped it sukang Ilocos  and Unit 27’s homemade lechon sauce. 
I also liked the tomato salsa with boiled egg as it added different texture and flavor to the dish. (They lied! It was not quail egg as mentioned in the menu! Huhuhu.) And it was perfect with garlic rice!
R’s tapa was good too but it was more on the sweet side. I liked my tapa to be a mix of sweet, sour and salty tastes. (And only my mom’s tapa tastes like that! *proud*) But what I liked about Unit 27’s pinoy steak was that the marinated strips of angus beef were oh-so-tender. It was thinly sliced and effortless to chew. 
The flavor though was a bit too overpowering and the rice was drenched in the steak’s sweet sauce. I guess if you drizzle enough vinegar, it will somehow make the tapa less sweet. Or order more rice to spread out the sauce.

Overall, it was a fun dinner with R and his friends. Service was just the not so good part of it. It almost made us hangry.

Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café is located at  Ground Floor, Icon Plaza 25th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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