Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Love at First Bite: Chaya

It has been over one decade since I last visited Baguio and that’s why I was so giddy when R suggested that we visit the land of Ube Halaya last long weekend. I was thinking of all sorts of places to visit but I was warned by R that the traffic in Baguio’s as crazy as Manila’s. And he’s right.
After visiting the crowded Ben Cab Museum (and failed attempt to eat at Café Sabel) and the not in season Strawberry Farm, we were famished. R suggested that we pass by Legarda as he knows this Japanese place that serves good food. I also read about this restaurant called Chaya and it looks promising based on reviews. Long story short, we ended up in Chaya.
We were greeted by a quaint house with warm furniture. We got a table for two and ordered the following: Salmon Sashimi (PHP350), Spicy Tuna (PHP390), Sukiyaki (PHP390) and Isobeyaki (PHP150). We also ordered Iced Green Tea (PHP90) and Green Tea Shake (PHP120).
While waiting, we were given some complimentary appetizers—sautéed veggies and tuna. It was small but really tasty.
My Iced Green Tea was served next and it had that lovely real green tea taste. 
R’ s Green Tea Shake was better though as it tasted like green tea ice cream!
The salmon sashimi was divine! It was fresh and the melts-in-your-mouth type. This is a must order dish!
The spicy tuna was served next and it was picturesque. It is not the best spicy tuna salad I had but it was pretty good. 
I loved the fresh bits of tuna mixed with mayo and that lovely crunch from the tempura chips.
The sukiyaki soon followed and it was a happy tummy dish too! I loved the tender beef strips as well as the crunchy veggies. The sweet soup was perfect for the chilly Baguio weather.
We had one miss though… the Isobeyaki. R mentioned that we shouldn’t order that but the foodie in me got curious when the server mentioned rice cake and nori. It sounded yummy to me. But then dish was too salty and I ended up finishing just one… with a lot of effort involved.
Nevertheless, it was a lovely late lunch. We also got a complimentary mini scoop of green tea ice cream which was probably one of the best green tea ice cream I have ever tasted! 
I will definitely visit this place again when I visit Baguio.
Chaya is located at 72 Legarda Road, 2600 Baguio City, You may contact them at (074) 424 4726 or visit for details.

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