Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Bite: Rolling Bap Korean Rolls House

It was my sister’s big day (by big day, I mean graduation and not wedding) last Saturday and we all had a late start. We were supposed to leave our place at 10 a.m. but we left an hour later. Traffic in Makati was bad too and we got to PICC area past 12 noon. Since we wanted to have lunch first, we decided to explore Macapagal Boulevard and found Hobbies of Asia. There are several restaurants there but most guarantee a fresh scent of lunch to stick to our clothes. After looking for other options, we discovered…

Rolling Bap Korean Rolls House
The place is pretty small and the menu is straightforward. They have the basic dishes covered and we decided to get Regular Kimbap (PHP130), Bibim Mandu (PHP280), Tteokbokki (PHP270) and Bulgogi Rice (PHP250).
First served were the complimentary pickled radish and kimchi. I didn’t try the kimchi but I loved the slightly tangy and crunchy radish.
The kimbap was served next and it was delightful! The strips of kani, egg, ham, cucumber, carrots and radish wrapped in sticky rice and chewy nori was quite filling. 
For PHP130, it was a steal! I also love the mix of different textures and flavors.
The tteokbokki was extremely spicy! I requested to have it mild but I guess Rolling Bap’s mild is still too crazy for me. I managed to munch on four or five rice cakes though. But it seemed to have messed up my taste buds as I wasn’t that fond of the Bibim Mandu.
My mom and aunt liked the bibim mandu. The fried mandu was pretty juicy and meaty. The shredded veggies were drizzled with the spicy red sauce too so I didn’t bother tasting it.
I loved the bulgogi rice. The bulgogi was sweet and the thin strips were tender and flavorful. I also enjoyed it with the strips of veggies which added crunch to the dish. It could also be good for sharing if you order a few appetizers.
I’ll definitely visit Rolling Bap Korean Rolls House again!

Rolling Bap Korean Rolls House is located at Hobbies of Asia, Macapagal Boulevard, Santa Clara, Pasay City. Contact them at 551.1224 for delivery.

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