Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love at First Bark: Barkin’ Blends Café

I am a frustrated pet lover. I love pets; but since I live in a condominium, I have very limited options. I used to have goldfish, hamsters, hermit crabs and all those small adorable bundles of joy. But what I really want is a puppy… a cute, sweet, hyper puppy. So when Barkin’ Blends opened, I was one of the happy dog lovers who went during its soft opening and so many things changed since my last visit.

Hello again, Barkin’ Blends!
It has been several months since my last visit and I was surprised that the puppies grew so much (and in number too). This time, I got to try the puppy café’s savory dishes.

We ordered Marley N’ Cheese (PHP120), Skyegetti (PHP120) and Smile’s Tunawich (PHP90). We also ordered drinks which were PHP180 each and it already includes our 2 hour pass in the puppy area. (There was no limit before but since the puppy area gets packed, they had to limit playtime.)
The Marley N’ Cheese was such a comfort dish. The pasta was al dente and it sure was cheesy. My sister loved it a lot!
Next served was my Smile’s Tunawich and it was the usual tuna sandwich. Nothing fancy but it was filling.
The Skyegetti had giant meatballs on it and it had the lovely tangy Italian sauce. I liked the spaghetti the best.
After having lunch at the human area, we signed up for the puppy area. We turned over our number cards for our lockers (since we could not bring bags inside the puppy area). We also had to remove our shoes and wear the slippers Barkin’ Blends provides its customers.
And it was a fun-filled (and chaotic) 2 hours with the puppies.
They were rowdier and more fun to be with this time.
They kept chasing each other and playing all over the place. It was such joy seeing the puppies having fun and seeing their different characters shine.
And since I want some “souvenirs”, I promised myself to have my photo taken with at least 5 puppies and I was successful!

I can’t wait to visit again!

Barkin’ Blends is located at 2nd floor, J&R Concon Center, 91 Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

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