Friday, May 29, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: I am Kim

I miss Korea and its colorful meals. I wasn’t able to feast in Seoul when I stayed there for a few months because I was living within a student’s budget. With PHP10,000 as monthly allowance, I survived with Lotteria, egg crackers (at times free at Myeongdong) and study hard noodles (free too at my university during exam week). I only buy from McDonald’s and Burger King when I get As or when I have extra money for an unhealthy meal. I do know how to treat myself too as I also tried authentic bulgogi, bibimbap and so on. Anyway, last Sunday, my sister and I decided to try…

I am Kim.
When we visited, I am Kim was packed with hungry diners. (Fangirl note: We also spotted Patty Laurel and her husband that day.) We were lucky though as one group left after a few minutes.

I know that you could make your own bibimbap here but the server did not offer that option to us so I thought that it was just a promo. We then ended up with Classic Bap (PHP260, medium bowl | PHP370, large bowl), Chap Chae Salad (PHP175) and BBQ Squid (PHP99). I also ordered a glass of their honey with mint drink which was new.  
First to arrive were my chap chae salad and drink. The beef bulgogi was a bit dry but had the loveable sweet taste. I enjoyed munching it with the glass noodles and the crisp lettuce.
My drink was too sweet. I think they went a bit too wild with the honey. I had to keep adding water to turn my liquid dessert into a refreshing drink.
The classic bap was served next and for a medium bowl, serving was pretty generous. I loved the juicy grilled chicken bits and the crunchy bean sprouts. We didn’t mix the gocuchang that much as my sister has a very low tolerance for anything spicy. To add flavor, we went crazy with the bulgogi sauce.
The grilled squid was cooked well. It still had that nice texture without being gummy. It was quite spicy though which surprised me as the menu didn’t mention that.

Overall though, it was a great lunch. The dishes we ordered were delicious. I will definitely go back and try to make my own bibimbap.

I am Kim is located at Lower Ground, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Barangay Oranbo, Pasig City

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