Monday, February 2, 2015

Second Bite: Ogetsu Hime

Japanese food is LOVE. I have said this too many times but I want to say it again… Japanese food is the best (for me)! Salmon sashimi, teppanyaki, tonkatsu, tempura, maki, sushi, ramen… *sigh* <3 And so one Saturday, I visited one.

Hello again, Ogetsu Hime!
I’ve been to this place before when I had a Black Saturday food trip with some friends. I recall though that we only had an hour to enjoy the food as we were waitlisted at Ramen Nagi and we were told that we have to be there when a table becomes available for us. This time though, I had more time to enjoy the salmon.
R kept on recommending Ogetsu Hime as he was in love with the Matsusaka beef and it was on sale (50% off!!!). So when we met, it was pretty obvious where we’ll head after the “mysterious activity” (which was ice skating).

We got the following: Matsusaka beef (PHP3,900 regular price but at PHP1950 when we visited), Salmon Sashimi (PHP350), Anago Sushi (PHP510; sale price PHP255), Hotategai Sushi (PHP420; sale price PHP210). R also got warm bottle of sake.
The first dish served was the salmon sashimi  and as before, it was fresh and made me one happy foodie. R was generous too to give me the last piece. (I wouldn’t if I were in his shoes. Well, unless the person does the Puss in Boots eyes.)
Next served were Anago (saltwater eel) and Hotategai (Hokkaido Japanese scallops) sushi. Honestly, I don’t really order these as I’m pretty happy with salmon alone. And since I was too mesmerized by salmon, sadly, I don’t recall the taste of these two dishes. But I’m sure it tasted fine as I would remember if it wasn’t.
The Matsusaka beef, known to be way better than kobe beef and Japanese wagyu and reputed as “the world’s rarest and most expensive” sure didn’t fail us. 
It was soft and indeed was the type that melts in your mouth. I didn’t even use the dips as the meat was flavorful as is. It was slightly oily though. We had it paired with the warm sake. And since I never had warm sake before, it was interesting.

Overall, it was a filling dinner. Thank you, R.

Ogetsu Hime is located at 5th floor, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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