Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Feta Mediterranean

Whenever I see new restaurants, I salivate. Okay, that didn’t sound so girly or proper but sadly, it’s true. I tend to be less picky when I’m hungry. Anywhere will do (as long as it’s a place I’ve never been to). And on our way back to the parking, we spotted Feta Mediterranean.
Hello, Feta Mediterranean!
The place is located a bit away from the strip of other restaurants so you could easily miss this one. But since we were walking, we spotted it.
There were only a few tables occupied when we arrived. We managed to get some couch seats and ordered Tomato Soup (PHP140), Grilled Salmon with Lime Butter Sauce (PHP490), a beef wrap I totally forgot its name and price, and a glass of their House Blend Iced Tea (PHP90).
First served was the tomato soup and it had bits of mozzarella to make it thicker. Somehow though, the mozzarella all clumped together making it seem like soggy and chewy bits of bread. It was served warm though and was quite okay as an appetizer.
The salmon was a bit too crisp on the outside. Thank goodness that the inside was still juicy (somehow). The mashed potato which served as the salmon’s bed was too salty for me. I found a solution though… to eat the slightly dry salmon and salty mashed potato with the diced tomatoes.
The meat wrap which will remain unnamed was pretty dry as well. Feta ran out of garlic mayo when we were there and only served hot sauce when R asked for sauce. He seemed to have enjoyed it though as he sees it as protein and if I recall it right, the wrap costs around PHP200 so it was value for money.
The iced tea was too sweet on the other hand. I had a hard time finishing it.

I’m not so sure if I should give this another try. Perhaps, when a friend recommends that I give this place another visit.

Feta Mediterranean is located at Ground Floor, Intrawest Center, 101 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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