Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Salt

I’m going crazy here. There are just too many new and hidden restaurants to visit. Every time I check my Facebook or Instagram, I see articles, food shots, and whatnot that make me drool. And I mean droooool. I’m very happy and “hashtag blessed” (ewww) though that I have a handful of close foodie friends to bug when I feel like eating or exploring. For instance, E told me a few weeks ago that he’ll try SALT, a pretty hidden restaurant near the yoga studio I frequent. Since it serves salmon, I got curious. And E was to eat there again and K was game too. Soooo…

Hello, Salt!
The place has very few parking slots so it might be a good choice to just park at Powerplant Mall and walk to the place. It’s parallel Kalayaan so it’s pretty near.
When we arrived, only two other tables were occupied. (I guess there are more people during dinner.) We decided to go for: T-Bone Steak (PHP190), Grilled Tuna (PHP220) and Baked Salmon (PHP320).

Service was pretty quick as I was still digesting the churros I ate from La Lola when the food arrived.
I really have no expectation with the steak given it’s just PHP190 but for its price, it was pretty good. It was slightly on the tough side but the meat was savory. I liked it.
The Baked Salmon was a bit salty. I forgot to tell the server to not go wild with salt. E warned me about it but I was in my sugar happy mode when I ordered. Nonetheless, the salmon was still lovely. It was not dry and the slab served was fresh.
I liked the Grilled Tuna best. Soft, flavorful, delightful! Serving though is good for one if you’re hungry. Or it could be good for two to three if you’re sharing other dishes.

Overall, it was a great lunch! A friend told me to try the Frozen Brazo and I will… hopefully soon.

Salt is located at 5887 Fermina Street corner Enriquez Street, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.

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