Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heart-shaped Burgers: Murray and D'Vine

I have this huge thing for hearts. I don't really know why but ever since I was young, I get attracted to anything shaped like a heart (not the human heart, just so we're on the same page). I used to have a lot of shirts with hearts printed on it. I also used to have a lot of accessories with heart pendants, charms, and what not. I also went crazy over Papa John's heart-shaped pizza. And I have this glowing heart pin I used to wear every Heart's Day. I guess it has something to do with being me being a February baby.

My favorite Dragon Lady, T, told me that there's a restaurant that serves heart-shaped burgers and we agreed to have a date there and murder a burger or two. But I didn't expect to visit the place sooner when I ran out of ideas during my trip there with J. 
Hello there, Murray and D'Vine.

The place was pretty dark when we went so I thought it was closed and I was already planning to recommend my favorite restaurant in Serendra, Mesclun, as an alternative. But the friendly server approached us and told us that they were open. So, I guess it was destiny. Hello, heart-shaped burger. <3
We opted to dine upstairs as it was cooler there. The server gave us a bell to use to call them. Pretty cute but it clashes with the whole concept of the restaurant. Anyway...

It took us quite a bit to order as we were distracted by the shape of the food. After a while, I decided to go for the Ostrich Burger (PHP565) while J went for the Aussie Burger (PHP515). We also ordered a glass of drink each (and unfortunately, I forgot what it's called but we got it for less than PHP100 each if I recall it right).
First served were our drinks which were pretty decent. The drinks had a slight kick but nothing to make one woozy.

Our burgers arrived next.
J's burger was huge but he did manage to finish it. I drooled over the bacon and egg on his burger. But he was not totally impressed with it.
My burger was flatter compared to J's and it somehow made me a bit sad. (Foodie reaction.)
Marketed as low in calories and fuller in flavor, it was slightly dry for me. The patty was a bit too well done and I had to put a lot of ketchup to make it more flavorful or juicy. I also find it to be overpriced for PHP565.

Overall, lunch was okay but slightly overpriced for the quality of the burgers. I guess this place is more of a bar and we just got swayed by the shape of the burgers.

Murray and D'Vine is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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