Thursday, May 1, 2014

Black Day 2014: Master Bee Chinese Restaurant

In Korea, Valentine's Day (February 14) and White Day (March 14) are pretty important for couples. Valentine's Day is when the girls give gifts to the guys they like and White Day is when the guys give sweets to the girls they fancy. But the 14th of April is also celebrated and it's called Black Day. It's the day those who did not get anything gather and eat black bean noodles together. I like wearing black too on Black Day. And I was so happy that my Black Day dates wore black too this year! 

I have a set of friends who I bug for anything related to Korea simply because we met there. T and K are two of my dearest friends who are game for almost anything Korean and they were both game to celebrate Black Day with me. We also invited two Black Day newbies F and W. (Wow, K and I were with FTW! Anyway...)

We decided to have dinner at this Chinese restaurant named Master Bee Chinese Restaurant  that serves Jjajang-myun (black bean noodles) and then sing like crazy after.
When I arrived, K and F were already inside. T soon followed and we ordered the following: Jjajang-myun (PHP220/bowl), Jjin-Mandu (PHP200) and Tangsuyuk (PHP800).

Aside from ours, there was only one other table occupied so service was pretty quick. 
Soon, we found ourselves with black lips. The jjajang-myun was filling despite splitting a bowl with T. It was savory, slightly sweet and salty. I enjoyed the flavorful and tender pork and bits of vegetables.
The Jjin-Mandu was my special request and I loved it. I love steamed dumplings and this is one of my favorite dishes. You could definitely taste the meat and it was slightly juicy too. It was served hot too.Yum!
Tangsuyuk was K's special request. They requested to have the sauce separated so that the fried pork will not be soggy. It reminded me of the typical sweet and sour pork with vegetables. Only this one was not orange in color.
We were halfway done when W arrived. We ordered his bowl (solo for the growing boy) beforehand so that he could have dinner right away. And luckily he arrived after his bowl did because I forgot to take a picture of the jjajang-myun before mixing it all together.  
We stayed for a bit longer after dinner thinking where to have dessert (we ended up buying ice cream from Mini Stop) and reminisce a bit. Yes, it happens a lot when you grow older.

Master Bee Chinese Restaurant is located at 2F Millenium Place Building, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City.

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