Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Restaurant Favorite: Boqueria

If I love the food and the service, I'll be back. It's that simple. If one's missing, it'll take me forever to go back. But everything was pleasant with Boqueria when I had lunch there last month so I visited it again with my good friend of 21 years (yes, I'm proud of how long we have been friends). 

Hello again, Boqueria!
I gave A the decision on where to eat as long as it's not X1 or X2 restaurants.(Oooh, blind items!) But she was okay with any as well as long as it's not a Filipino restaurant so I recommended Boqueria. Plus we were too famished to explore further. 

When we got the menu, I noticed that there were price changes. Some of the dishes became more expensive. The staff, however, clarified that the serving got bigger to justify the price changes. (There was an average of PHP200 jump from last month's.

Since we will bowl and drop by Cafe Juanita after lunch, we decided to keep it "light" with the following dishes: Albondigas con Foie Gras (PHP288), Pollo con Salsa Mango (PHP298), Paella Marinera (PHP368), and two glasses of Mint Iced Tea.

We didn't really notice the time as we were busy catching up and trying to figure out the single person we forgot from our batch. 
A enjoyed the Mint Iced Tea as it was very refreshing. It wasn't too sweet and the added coolness of the mint made it a great thirst quencher.
The Albondigas con Foie Gras was pretty much like your typical meatballs. I couldn't taste the duck liver that much as the sauce was too overpowering. Slightly tangy but delectable nonetheless.
I really enjoyed the Pollo con Salsa Mango or simply chicken roulade in mango sauce. The chicken breast, my favorite part of the chicken was cooked well. It was tender and juicy. The mango, onion and tomato bits added texture to the dish while the sweet mango sauce added sweetness.
The Paella Marinera was topped with generous serving of seafood (shrimps, squid bits, and clams). Drizzle it with a bit of lemon juice and magic happens. It was too heavy though for two so we didn't get to finish it. 
Overall, it was yet another pleasant lunch with Boqueria. I'll probably try the pork belly next time.

Boqueria is located at 3rd Floor, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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