Monday, April 21, 2014

Sporty Saturday: SM Megamall Bowling Alley

Despite my healthy appetite for food, I also enjoy doing sporty things. (Most of my friends don't believe me though.) I love biking, table tennis, laser tag (if you consider that as a sport), and bowling. I am also game to try other things like paintball and hiking. Anyway, I was thrilled when SM Megamall revived its bowling alley. Oh yeah, the gutter queen is back!
My friend A and I decided to be a bit sporty one Saturday and we thought of giving the new bowling alley at SM Megamall a try. My sister wanted to join as she needs to do something active as plus points for her P.E. class.
I arrived early so that we could get a parking spot and we decided to have a quick brunch at Figaro. BIG MISTAKE. When A finally arrived, we have to wait for a spot. It didn't take long though. I'd say our wait was roughly 20 minutes maximum. 
As soon as we heard our names, we approached the cashier, paid the PHP175 per head fee (shoe rental included) and collected two balls each. 
I felt bad for my sister as she had a hard time lifting the balls.

When the game started, my sister had a good lead and A and I were noobs. But as the game progressed, my sister ended up being last with A as first and me as second. But the thing is, our average as a group was still terrible. 

We had fun though! And for PHP175, it wasn't a bad deal at all.
P.S. Make sure you bring with you a pair of socks. Wait time isn't that bad as most teams just play one round. You could also do other activities there but I find it embarrassing to dance in front of strangers.
SM Bowling Alley is located 4th Floor Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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