Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Restaurant Love: Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

I have been pretty inactive with Couchsurfing for a few years now. The only way to lure me to reply to posts or appear in gatherings would be food. My friends know that. Alcohol, parties, or whatnot are not appealing to a cat-lady-without-a-cat me. And living near Kapitolyo has been a blessing for me to guide fellow foodies where to eat. However, there's this one place I always miss whenever I eat there. Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant! It opened last year but I never had the chance to eat there. But finally, someone was game to try it with me.

Haru, Haru! (Hello, Hello! Okay, I killed the joke.)
I was pretty impressed with the interiors. It is so... Japanese. There are umbrellas and little bridges, and even musical instruments all over the place. Good job there!
I find the way to call the server really charming. We just have to ring the bell that's stringed to the ceiling. The server was very attentive too but failed to give much recommendations. But we managed and settled for the following: Salmon Sashimi (PHP308), Tuna Sashimi (PHP198), Tori Kuwayaki (PHP258), and U.S. Beef Rib Eye Teppanyaki (PHP598). 
The service was pretty quick as I would give it an estimate of 15 minutes before they served the first dishes.

After one bite of the salmon sashimi, I went to sashimi heaven! At that moment, I was the ideal customer of restaurateurs as I was so giddy munching on my food. The salmon was fresh and it was milky as well. Oh salmooooon~

W ordered the tuna sashimi and mentioned that sashimi is actually cleaner than most food. I don't really recall why he said that but I was glad to know that I could munch on more sashimi without much worry.
The Tori Kuwayaki tasted just like Bon Chon's chicken only this one was more flavorful. The crunchy skin was a bit too sticky though and made it slightly awkward to talk as bits always manage to get stuck in between the teeth. 
I loved the teppanyaki! The meat was tender and juicy. It was seasoned well too. I would love to order that again.

W seemed to enjoy the food as he ordered another bowl of rice, this time with bits of salmon. I didn't take a picture of it anymore as I was too focused on eating.

Too bad though that they don't have desserts. But I will definitely visit Haru again soon when I crave for salmon sashimi and teppanyaki! I'll give the seafood teppanyaki and uni a try too.

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant is located at 9 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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