Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Shack: Better than The Boiling Crab?

The Boiling Crab was part of my I-have-to-visit-this-place-no-matter-what list when I went to the States a few months back but unfortunately, even though I was in LA for quite a long time, I wasn’t able to visit it. The closest was standing outside the place. *sad* Then again, I was able to visit a restaurant that has a similar concept. Well, close enough, I guess.

Hey, The Shack!
The place has a beach feel to it. I guess it is to reinforce that they serve seafood thus the seaside ambiance. We easily got a table as the place wasn’t that packed and ordered right away.
We ordered some shrimps with mild sauce ($8.99), seasoned fries ($2.99), crispy wings ($4.99), and raw oysters ($7.99/half a dozen; $13.99/dozen).
At first, I was a bit scared to eat the shrimps as I was not sure if “not really spicy” really means NOT REALLY SPICY. I have experienced so many times falling for that line and end up choking and drowning myself with water. I.Dont.Want.That.To.Happen. Again.
Then again, it really wasn’t that spicy. The lemonade I ordered wasn’t even half empty when I finished my meal. The shrimps were fresh and I also enjoyed the chunks of potatoes that went with it.
The seasoned fries were crisp and were served hot. It had a slight kick to it yet not too spicy for those with low tolerance like I do. I just loooove fries made from real potatoes.
The crispy wings on the other hand were slightly bland for me and I needed to dip it in ketchup. It was fried well though as the meat was still juicy yet the skin was indeed crunchy.
As for the raw oysters ordered by A, it sure was fresh too. N was disgusted by the sliminess and was really hesitant to give it a try when A offered some. I’m not that fond of oysters either but missing out on trying a dish is just not me so… I had one. It was indeed slimy but with the help of lemon and salt, it was pretty much okay.

G said that The Shack is better than The Boiling Crab. But I guess I have to wait for my next trip to find out if it’s true.

*By the way, this was our stop before we went to Meow Meow Cafe.

The Shack is located at 18927 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748.

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