Monday, February 4, 2013

Place I Love: Caffe Bene

I miss Seoul. I even miss the intense walking (or should I call it hiking?) and trekking to the university. I miss the cold breeze. I also miss all those people I met and saw who were so carefree and do not care what others think about them as long as they are having fun. I miss the adventures and misadventures. But I have this feeling that I’ll get to experience that again soon, may it be in Seoul or not.
I was thrilled when T told me that one of our favorite coffee shops in Korea is coming to Manila. Caffe Bene (yes, that’s with two Fs), I have been waiting for you! 
When our good friend E went back to Manila, we decided to have a mini reunion and Caffe Bene seemed to be the perfect place to go to.
Okay, words can’t explain how giddy I was when I stepped inside. I was taking photos of everything I see. Having fun is an understatement. The interiors, the cute clock, the brick walls, the unfinished look, the wooden stairs… love~~~<3

I decided to order my favorite, Liege Waffle with Strawberry Cream (PHP145). I just loooove strawberries! I was actually contemplating if I will order gelato as well but we just came from lunch then and I was trying to cut down. (T.T) For my drink, I was conservative and ordered a cup of cappuccino (PHP110, regular; PHP125, large).

The first floor was full so we decided to go up.
The place is great for meetings as there are plugs everywhere! The internet connection though was weak… very weak to the point of it not being detected at all. I guess it was because a lot of people were using it already.

After a few minutes, my order was ready for pick up. Now for the moment of truth.
The waffle was smaller than I remembered and the strawberries were not very fresh. Nonetheless, I managed to finish it in less than 10 minutes (while sipping my cup of cappuccino as well). The waffle was made fresh and it was slightly chewy. My favorite kind. The coffee was typical and not extraordinary. Maybe I should have tried a tea drink instead.

Perhaps on my next visit, I’ll try their gelato, pastry or even a cake and pair it with an interesting beverage.
See you again, Caffe Bene!

Caffe Bene is located at Eastwood City Walk 2. 

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