Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'M IN LOVE: Disneyland California

I have this weird plan of crying as soon as I hear the Disney hymn while watching the fireworks go off over the Disney castle. I find it… romantic in a kiddie way. Okay fine, that’s a bit confusing. I wasn’t able to experience it when I went to Disneyworld, Florida last year as I was stuck inside a ride waiting in line. I wanted to strangle my (lovable) sister that night. But an unexpected opportunity came in when K, who happens to be an artist working for Disney offered FREE tickets to Disneyland, California.  

Hello, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and everyone! *ahihihihi*

We planned on leaving early so that we get to avoid the crazy lines but we ended up arriving around 12 noon.
We first went to the place where we could reserve tickets for the Aladdin show and headed straight to Disneyland’s newest attraction, Cars!
We waited for two hours for this ride but it was worth it! The ride was awesome as we get to feel like we were part of the movie. We passed by the different stores in Route 66 and the end of the ride was the best as there was a race between two cars! Woohoo!
We were famished after the long wait so we stopped by a restaurant around the Cars area and I had the NY Strip Loin ($11.99) while N ordered the Pork Loin ($11.49).

I’m not sure if it was really really good or if I was just hungry but I loved my food! I was able to finish the whole thing. I love how soft it was and eating it with the mashed potato was heaven! The sauce was not salty and it was even a bit sweet. I love it!
I got to taste N’s pork loin but it was a bit less flavorful than my strip loin. Nonetheless, it was still good but my taste buds were spoiled by my meal.
I highly recommend the NY Strip Loin for those who will be visiting Disneyland, California soon.
Next stop after lunch was this place that sells cute safety cone cups. But the steep price of $8 for a soda made me think twice.
We then walked for a bit and chilled at The Little Mermaid ride before braving the Hollywood Tower Hotel, also known as the Tower of Terror.
At first I was hesitant as I dislike rides that will make your tummy reach your heart but to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. My photo though (from the ride’s camera) was well… ugly.
E's crazy turkey leg!
We headed to the other side of Disneyland after and just took photos before our second to the last ride for the night… Haunted Mansion. 
It wasn’t really a scary ride as it was based on the film Nightmare before Christmas.

We then rode a roller coaster to kill time before heading back to Disney California Adventure to watch the World of Colors.
I was such a happy kid while watching the show as I was really mesmerized by the colors, music and just about everything else. I may have not witnessed the fireworks again but this one was a sweet surprise. I fell in love with the show and I would love to watch it over and over again. I can’t wait to visit Disneyland again soon to watch it! :)

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