Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Central Park Favorite: Wafels & Dinges

I feel so guilty knowing that I haven’t blogged for quite some time. Frannywanny has been telling me to blog as well. And now I am baaaack! Hello again, blogger me! I have a lot of yummy dishes and interesting places to share with you all and first would be something that I went gaga over… Wafels & Dinges.

It was one chilly, wait, really cold Wednesday morning in New York City when we planned to visit Central Park to skate and feel like we were part of the movie Serendipity (only our version was rather clumsy and full of violations—I’ll share that in a bit!). J, our wonderful host, joined us and got excited over this food cart outside Central Park. I’ve heard her rave about this cart days ago so the foodie in me can’t help but drool (in the inside of course!).
Since I wanted to try several toppings, I decided to go for the plain waffle (li├Ęge wafel, $5) and got the unlimited dinges (WMDwafel of massive deliciousness, $2) and chose bananas, strawberries, nutella and belgian chocolate fudge as my toppings. Oh sweet waffle goodness!
N on the other hand ordered de bom ($7) which was basically waffles topped with ice cream and one dinge. N opted to have it over Belgian chocolate fudge.
One thing I like about it was that the waffles were served fresh from the waffle maker. It was comforting to eat something hot on a windy day. Too bad though that the chocolate on top froze before I could get a spoonful (or should I say a forkful?).
At first, I was expecting that I will not be able to finish my waffle given that upon seeing it, it was chocolate madness! But surprisingly, the nutella and Belgian chocolate fudge were balanced by the generous serving of strawberries and bananas. Love love love it!
N’s waffle was also good as the warm waffle went really well with the vanilla ice cream (which was not very sweet making it perfect!). I still prefer having fruits over mine though (well I can’t blame N given he considers mangoes as the only edible fruit).
We also bought hot chocolate but I guess if you are eating waffles with lots of chocolates over it, everything else will be bland.
Anyway, going back to the ice skating ala Serendipity gone wrong story, we ended up getting whistled or stopped a lot. We didn’t know that skaters are not allowed to talk on the phone, take photos while inside the skating rink, and to have one skater trail behind (think caterpillar). However, they were really friendly as when I fell, the “skate guards” quickly assisted me and taught me how to well… survive. March then squat. I think I squatted the whole time while N pulls me around the rink.

It was really one fun afternoon. Thanks a lot, J! :)


Comments or other recommendations? :)