Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Stinking Rose: A Garlic Restaurant

“Where will we eat?” N and I have been asking ourselves that question a lot for the past month. N’s mom, Auntie J mentioned this restaurant that serves garlic ice cream. Weird. I like it already! But we can’t seem to find time to visit the restaurant which is in Beverly Hills. Till one night when we met up with T and K.
Hello, The Stinking Rose!
It was pretty dark inside and it somehow reminded me of this restaurant called Gayuma ni Maria. Despite it being a “garlic restaurant”, there’s not a single foul smell.
Thanks to N’s reservation, we have a sure table.
Service was also very quick for as soon as we got settled, the server gave us some warm bread and told us to put garlic garnish on top of it. And it was so good! Bad breath galore!!!
We waited for T and K to arrive before we ordered dinner. But while waiting and munching on the warm bread, we decided to order Popcorn Calamari (small: $9.95, medium: $14.95, large: $19.95) and Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue ($9.95) as appetizers.
The popcorn calamari is your typical calamari but what made it a bit different from the rest is its dip. I love the tanginess of the tomato dip (which is quite similar to salsa).
The spinach fontina fondue was served really hot! It was gooey cheesy goodness and we just can’t help but put a lot on our bread. It was quite sinful as every bite was full of oil as well. But we just can’t resist it.

We were halfway done with the calamari when T and K arrived and we quickly ordered dinner as they were hungry.

I ordered Salmon with lemon-butter garlic caper sauce and green onions ($22.95) while N ordered the Silence of the Lamb Shank ($22.95). 
Spicy Pasta
I wasn’t able to take note of T and K’s food but one was spicy pasta and another was pork chop which is T’s favorite.
Pork Chop
The salmon was pretty much ordinary. It was slightly tangy because of the lemon and capers. 
I still prefer baked salmon drizzled with lemon butter. Simple yet it surely brings out the flavor of the salmon.
N’s lamb shank sure was tender. Slicing it was a breeze and finishing it was not a problem either as N finished it in record time.
Now for the highlight of the night… the garlic ice cream (which was given on the house as K’s birthday was coming up).

It was something out of this world. K and I were so excited to try it and after one spoonful our faces turned something I could not describe. It was weird. We could taste the sweetness of the caramel on top and the strong taste of the garlic right after. Surprisingly, N loved it and finished the whole thing.
Before we bid farewell, we stopped by the counter and borrowed some garlic hats for a photo op. Cute huh?
The Stinking Rose is located at 55 North La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211. Call (310) 652-7673 for reservations.

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