Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Rollin' & Bowlin'

We had a hard time looking for our last stop for our Katipunan food trip as we were left with mostly fast food chains. Craving for something… different, we walked for about 45 minutes till we spotted… Rollin’ & Bowlin’.  
A new place! *and our eyes sparkled while our tummies smiled*
The place is quite hidden so it’s such a thrill for us to discover it! It’s the perfect place to mount our T3 flag and hold game nights (uh, days) there. We were also told that the restaurant was fairly new then so their menu was quite limited.

Since our tummies were busy digesting pizza, pasta, burger, chicken and fries, we decided to go light this time and ordered Cowabungga (PHP90), Bean There, Done That (PHP80), and a bowl of homemade ice cream (PHP60).
It was delightful to enjoy a bowl of soup on a cool late afternoon. The warm soup wasn’t salty and the rather rough texture of the monggo beans made it quite addicting making you have one spoonful after another.

The Cowabungga, or spiced beef taco in plain terms, is a T3 favorite! After having one bite, we immediately ordered for one more each to go. It was so funny how J, the T3 member on a pseudo diet, ordered one too with a regretful voice and a sigh.
Anyway, I was a bit hesitant to take a bite of the taco because of the word “spice” (as my tolerance for spicy food isn’t that great). I could eat spicy food but I need a pitcher of water with me. But this one isn’t spicy at all. I guess by the word spice, it meant seasonings or herbs or something like that.
Now for dessert… the only homemade ice cream flavor available that day was strawberry and it wasn’t really a big deal as we all like strawberries. The serving for the price was really generous but what really made me smile like crazy was that there were bits of REAL strawberries! I think I ate all the bits as no one seemed to be interested in getting it. *yippee!!!*

I will definitely visit this place again soon!

Rollin’ & Bowlin’ is located at 91 Xavierville Ave. Quezon City. You may contact them at 5123009.

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