Friday, August 24, 2012

Café Favorite: Akiba

It took my sister quite a while before she managed to convince me to get out of the house as I was really not in the mood to go out that day as long weekends mean lazy days for me. But since her begging powers seem to be of the same level as Puss in Boots, I finally gave in. We stopped by the usual stores and bought a handful of items but the highlight of that day was my short stop to…

I’ve been passing by this store for quite some time now but I never bothered to stop by and try the drinks till last Monday. I got curious with the drinks as the server was really enthusiastic with telling us their bestsellers.
In the end, my mom ordered Yogurt Chiru Nutty Macadamia (PHP130, large) while I ordered a glass of Akiba’s Signature Trifle Kohi (PHP130, large). My sister, who was not in the mood for tea or coffee decided to go for one of their chiffon cakes.

First served was my mom’s Yogurt Chiru Nutty Macadamia and it sure had a strong yogurttaste! Not that I’m complaining as I love yogurt (as it’s good for the tummy). It was definitely tangy yet you can’t deny the hint of nuttiness coming from the macadamia. Yogurt or sour food lovers will adore this drink! (Warning though, that as you hit the mid part of the glass, the drink gets to be a bit sweeter.)
When they served my drink, I was told that it’s best to drink it without straw and I didn’t say anything and started to drink.
The trifle cream is sweet! :D But not too sweet to the point of making you gasp for water. It was a bit messy to drink though and not glamorous to sip especially if you’re on a date as it’ll make your lips white and you picture ready for a Got Milk? ad.
After a few minutes, the server finally handed a straw as he saw my struggle on wanting to drink the coffee beneath the trifle cream.

The coffee was quite strong so I was thankful that I didn’t finish the trifle cream. Mixing the coffee and cream though made this drink so addicting! I think I’ll go back to Akiba this weekend for more!
Oh, as for my sister’s cake, it was a dainty light flavoured cake perfect for tea or coffee. But sugar lovers will not like this one.

Akiba is located at 2nd floor, building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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