Friday, August 10, 2012

Fifties in 2012: Mile Hi Diner

Pizza, check! Pasta, check! Burger, check! Next on the list? Chicken and fries!!! It’s true, friends who eat together… will go on a diet together!
Now on our way to our third (click here for the first and second) stop, we decided to visit Mile Hi, a popular food joint in Baguio which has branches here in Manila. I heard that the best one still is the one in Baguio but the 6-8 hour drive makes it less enticing.
Anyway, we have finally reached our destination (which was just a few steps away from the blue building also housing Moshi Moshi) and I was mesmerized with the Coca-Cola merchandise. I’m a sucker for anything Coca-Cola (I even rushed to McDonalds before when they first sold those limited edition Olympics glasses and I begged for 10 yen inside Narita airport just to buy a can of Coke simply because the can is soooo cute).
Since we were starting to get really full, we decided to just order a small basket of Spicy Buffalo Wings (PHP155) with Ranch dressing (PHP20) and Bacon Cheese Fries (PHP130). N and I also decided to order a cup of tea (we know it doesn’t match but hey it aids digestion) while J ordered a can of soda.
The place seems to be an ideal hangout place for students for aside from the cute displays, the diner also has wi-fi. Service was also quick as we got our food even before I finished gushing about everything I see.
The Spicy Buffalo Wings were not as spicy as I thought but it was still a tad spicy for me and tea as my drink didn’t help. What I loved about it though was that it was crispy. It was just a bit too small. The ranch dressing wasn’t bad either.
The fries seemed to be screaming PLUS 10 POUNDS but we still ate it anyway. I love that they used real and fresh potatoes. There was also a generous serving of cheese and bacon bits. But because of that, the fries weren’t as crispy. It was a bit soggy. I guess we need to eat it really fast next time.
Nonetheless, I liked my dining experience there and I do not mind visiting again and stare at the diner’s Coca-Cola collection all day long.

Mile Hi is located at One Burgundy Plaza, 307 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

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  1. looks so delish. I love diner food! :)) burger & fries never fails.


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