Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drunk with Ramen Bar

I’m drunk… and I’m using a spoon to get drunk… with ramen that is.
I’ve always wanted to try Ramen Bar ever since two of my friends told me to meet them there. To make the story short, I got stuck at work, was late, and they were already done eating when I arrived thus we had to move to the next restaurant for snacks instead. *sniff sniff*

However, the food gods really love me as an opportunity came and soon, I found myself inside Ramen Bar waiting for my friends.
The staff was pretty friendly and alert for as soon as I stepped inside, they led me to my seat. (I like that!)

The place seemed spacious too and the lighting made the place quite relaxing.

I ordered Kakuni Buns (PHP180) as my appetizer, Super Chasyu Ramen (PHP380) as my main dish and Tempura Ice Cream (PHP120) as dessert.
The Kakuni Buns reminded me of siopao. And true enough, it somehow tasted like asado siopao. The pork belly was sweet because of the sauce yet oh-so tender. It was a good dish but as an appetizer, I find it a bit heavy. It must have been the white buns.
One of my friends ordered the Chicken Namban Rice Bowl (PHP185) and it was your typical breaded chicken. The rice though made it more appetizing (picture below)
The Super Chasyu Ramen dish on the other hand had a little incident. While checking my food, I saw a little creature floating around. There was an ant. The servers were very quick to respond though and gave me a new bowl.
The ramen (despite it having an unexpected and definitely uninvited swimmer before) still made me drool. The noodles were cooked just right and the chasyu (sliced pork) was really soft and easy to bite. It wasn’t salty or oily as well. It was just right. Plus, the serving was really generous. It was actually good for two people.
Another friend ordered the Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping (PHP165) and he said that it was not very filling. It also tasted a bit similar to Yoshinoya's beef topping.
I got excited when I found out that the tempura ice cream was similar to fried ice cream. It made me crave for Kiku’s fried ice cream. (I will forever remember you, Kiku!)
When it arrived, it was your typical ice cream stuffed in a crispy and warm breading drizzled with chocolate syrup. In short, it was not how I was imaging it would be. I enjoyed though the crispy chocolate noodles (?) as it was like chocolate cereal.

Overall, I’d go back for more of their ramen but I will definitely share a bowl with a friend next time. :)

Ramen Bar is located at the G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City.

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  1. Everything looks good! I've eaten here before and all I can really remember is the fried ice cream :P


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