Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dulcinea's U-Turn

My sister and I braved the last day of the Mega Sale and ended up in Dulcinea to avoid the crowd hungry for lunch (since Dulcinea is pricier compared to other restaurants). I ordered my favorite pumpkin soup and tried their baked lasagna.
I was not surprised when the lasagna arrived before the soup which was supposed to be the appetizer. It was the same as the last time I visited the place. At least it was not dessert first.
I guess I was not reading the menu carefully. I was surprised when I cut the lasagna. They used spaghetti instead. Quite cute actually. *Twist. Bite. Chew. BLAH!* The lasagna tasted like… uh, air? It was very bland. I had to ask for parmesan cheese to add taste and it did not help that much.
 At least I still have my pumpkin soup… or so I thought. *Slurp. BLAH!* Well, I was already expecting it since the color was not right. It was yellow. Actually, it looked like dirty water. The taste of the soup was, well, bacon. When my sister asked how my soup was, I told her that I think I ordered bacon soup by mistake.
As a curious bee, I asked the manager why my soup’s yellow. He said it depends on the pumpkin they bought. I then suggested that wherever they bought their supply for the day, DON’T buy there again. I just hope that he took my suggestion in mind and didn’t think that I was one of those weirdo customers who have nothing to say but complaints.

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  1. i agree with u..i grew up loving dulcinea but after eating there again 4 years ago (and at SM Megamall too) and ending up with a bad stomach i never went back. i had paella naman and it tasted nothing like the regular paella.

    natawa ako sa comment ng waiter re. the pumpkin soup haha very very lame excuse


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