Friday, December 18, 2020

A Celebration Must-Have: S.A.L.O. Lechon Belly Kitchen

Christmas is just around the corner, yet I could barely feel it. Sure, the breeze is a bit cooler than usual. But the lack of festive and colorful lights make it seem like galaxies away. The coronavirus coupled with damages caused by several typhoons has dampened our high spirits. But we should not let it stop us from celebrating this special occasion with our loved ones. And I'm so glad to discover the perfect Filipino spread that will surely tickle everyone's taste buds!

Hello, S.A.L.O. Lechon Belly Kitchen.

Its name says it all. S.A.L.O. is a food concept that specializes in Filipino dishes that are great for gatherings and potlucks. Its highlighted product, lechon belly, is a sure hit at any party with its perfectly crispy skin and succulent meat. 

I wanted to have lechon after giving birth, and this spread from S.A.L.O. came as an absolute treat!

Available in sets, combos, and for sharing, you can enjoy lechon belly anytime you want. And its reasonable price point makes it even more appealing. Meal sets start at PHP179, while combos are at PHP239. Lechon belly for sharing is priced at PHP295 to PHP4,200, depending on the size you want. 

To serve the lechon belly, it is best to use kitchen scissors to cut the skin and meat. And don't forget to take AMSR videos! I forgot that as I was too excited to dig in.

Kare-Kare (PHP179, set | PHP229, for sharing) was good too. It had that rich peanut sauce and generous with the meat and veggies. I also enjoyed the alamang it came with. 

Caldereta is one of my favorite Filipino dishes, and the bar has been set pretty high with my family's recipe as a benchmark. But S.A.L.O.'s flavorful and cheesy take on this classic dish tickled my taste buds pink! It was so good that I finished two servings on my own!

If you like your sisig extra crunchy, then S.A.L.O.'s Lechon Belly Sisig (PHP229) is for you. Make sure to drizzle it with calamansi for that delectable salty and tangy combination!

The Sinigang na Bangus (PHP229) is one dish you shouldn't miss. It is a must-have on chilly days like we're having now. Just make sure to have rice with you as it tends to be on the salty side. 

Grab an order or two of Fried Chicken (PHP189, 2-pieces), especially if you have kids with you. I love how the fried chicken was battered to golden brown perfection. The skin was crunchy in every bite, while the meat was juicy. I hope that they also serve it with gravy soon. But ketchup will do for now. 

Another dish you shouldn't miss ordering is Grilled Liempo (PHP149, set). This is best served with atsara (pickled papaya) for that sweet and savory medley of flavors.

I wish S.A.L.O. will soon add desserts to its menu so that it'll be my one stop shop for potlucks!

To order, contact S.A.L.O. at +639 19 093 9967 (Metro Manila), +639 19 0940784 (North and South Luzon), +639 19 0940019 (Visayas and Mindanao). You may also visit S.A.L.O. on Instagram for more details.

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