Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Food Delivery: Infinitea's Family Packs

The new normal has pushed several businesses to be innovative and bring the good ol' days' experience to their patrons' homes. We've seen bento boxes, DIY kits, and so much more. One of my favorites is how the milk tea industry delighted us with their take-home options. And Infinitea's ready to drink collapsible liter jugs sure made it to my top list.

Hello, Infinitea.

Infinitea has known in the market for its affordable milk teas and other beverages. I remember having it weekly back when I was still working for Summit Media. I'd often get its chocolate milk tea or classic milk tea. 

I miss the good ol' days where it's so easy to get hold of your favorite milk tea or fruit tea. It still is for many. But our village has been very strict with outside deliveries. Thank goodness for Infinitea's Family jugs. 

Available in 5 liters and 2.5 liters, milk and fruit tea aficionados can enjoy several servings of Infinitea's Original Milk Tea (PHP407, 2.5L | PHP748, 5L), Wintermelon Milk Tea (PHP473, 2.5L | PHP830, 5L), Premium Okinawa Milk Tea (PHP517, 2.5L | PHP968, 5L), Chocolate Milk Tea (PHP467, 2.5L | PHP863, 5L), Jasmine with Honey Lemon Tea (PHP363, 2.5L | PHP660, 5L), and Peach Lychee Fruit Tea (PHP286, 2.5L | PHP500, 5L). You can also get sinkers to go with your drinks at PHP100 per order.

Since I know I'll be doing ge lai soon, I went a bit crazy and had Wintermelon Milk Tea and Jasmin with Honey Lemon Tea both in 2.5L and Peach Lychee Fruit Tea in 5L all for myself! (Okay, I had to share it because I can't drink too much sweet and tea-based drinks.)

I have to commend Infinitea for its perfectly cooked tapioca! It had that addictive chewy texture everyone loves. Nata was good too though I would have loved it more if it was slightly bigger chunks for more bite.

The family jugs are all made with 100% sugar,.so it tends to be on the sweet side. Best to put extra ice if you are not very fond of sweet drinks.

Wintermelon Milk Tea hits the spot for boba cravings. But it was its fruit tea that won me over.

I love the refreshing taste of its Peach Lychee Fruit Tea. I enjoyed it even more by adding nata. I just topped it with lots of ice so that my OB-GYN won't get stressed with my potential weight gain from indulging.

What I liked most about Infinitea's take-home packs is that it's a lot more portable and compact. You don't have to worry about space in the fridge as the container shrinks as you consume more. 

It can also serve as a great gift to family and friends this holiday season. 

Grab yours now!

Infinitea has multiple branches in Metro Manila. 

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