Monday, October 19, 2020

Takeout Picks: Black Scoop

Black Scoop is one of my go-to milk tea shops since 2018. With its delectable fruit teas and addictive milk teas, it's hard not to grab a few drinks whenever I pass by a branch. I know that they have savory meals too, but I only got to try some of its dishes during the community quarantine. And since I now know that they have good chicken poppers, I decided to grab some again after my OB appointment. 

Hello, Black Scoop.

For a milk tea shop, Black Scoop offers a good range of dishes to complement its sweet drinks. Its menu includes rice meals, sandwiches, pasta, and snacks. 

I was leaning towards its rice meals but hesitated as the viands are nothing special and something I always eat at home. I ended up ordering Clubhouse Sandwich (PHP220), Taiwanese Chicken Poppers (PHP140), and Carbonara (PHP220). I also grabbed Matcha Frappe (PHP140, large), Imperial Fruit Tea (PHP120, large), and Mixed Berries (PHP105, large).

I was surprised that about half of my chicken poppers were just seasoned batter. There was barely any chicken in the chicken poppers. It was also a tad too salty for my liking. At least it was crunchy. 

The clubhouse sandwich came with some cheesy nachos making it more filling and ideal for sharing. But it was also on the salty side. I also found it a bit oily or greasy. It's one sandwich you need to have a drink with to enjoy. 

Black Scoop's carbonara was quite good. I loved that it was creamy and had bacon bits. It would have been better if they topped it with crispy bacon bits instead of the thick-cut ones. 

And as always, Black Scoop's Imperial Fruit Tea is still one of the best in town!

I wasn't able to take photos of Matcha Frappe and Mixed Berries. But both were good too. The Matcha Frappe tasted just like Starbucks ' version but at a more pocket-friendly price point. The mixed berries drink I got was at 50% sugar level, and it was a great thirst-quencher!

I messaged Black Scoop via Instagram to give my feedback on the two dishes I found salty. And they were quick to respond! I appreciate brands that acknowledge and welcome feedback from their customers. I do hope that my next Taiwanese chicken poppers won't be as salty and would have better chicken to batter ratio.

Black Scoop has multiple branches in Metro Manila.

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