Friday, January 10, 2020 Bridging Freelancers to Clients Anywhere in the World

With Manila traffic getting worse and transportation becoming too expensive, it has never been so tempting to leave one's 9 to 5-day job and go freelance than today. Though it could be a bit daunting to be your own boss, the changes in society opened many opportunities for freelancers. And one platform made it easier for young bosses to market their skills--Rakuboss.

Hello, Rakuboss.
Rakuboss is a digital marketplace that helps freelancers from various industries in the Philippines match with potential local and international clients. 
Though it is still in its infancy stage, it already has a considerable number of freelance and client users. And I understand why it was a fast start for Rakuboss. The platform's so easy to use!

With its straightforward design, it's very easy to get things started. Simply create an account, fill out the necessary fields and you're done!
And now that you have an account, the first step before pitching in your skills is to create a sideline. 
Simply go to your dashboard or name, and click selling and choose sidelines and click "Add New Proposal".
Make sure to add an image to make your proposal more eye-catching! Think of Lazada, Carousell, OLX ads! Photos help. And same applies too with your profile. It works best if you also add a photo as it increases your chance to get the job.

Once you have at least one sideline approved and published, you're set. You may check for available jobs or projects via the search bar or the category bar right below it.
Clients can send you a message if they want to know more about your sideline post or avail of your service. So make sure to always check your account or email linked to your Rakuboss account. 
One feature I love about Rakuboss is that you can offer a customized proposal if ever there are changes in the job description posted or price. It's hassle-free too! Just make sure to note the changes so that both parties are protected. 

The transparency on the website is impressive too! The status of requests is always updated giving clients and freelancers peace of mind. 

It's also great that there are several payment options for clients at Rakuboss. You can choose among Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin, bank transfer or Western Union. And the auto-debit bank transfer payout for freelancers makes payment collection a lot easier! 

Check it out today and market your skills in a safe environment! Visit

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