Thursday, January 9, 2020

Popeyes Philippines: Is it really as good as people say?

Popeyes Luisiana Kitchen's store opening was one of the most anticipated food events last year. The crazy queue, rain or shine, was enough to keep everyone curious. And it sure made me wonder too if Popeyes offers way better fried chicken compared to other fast food joints here in Manila. And after a few failed attempts, I finally got to visit its first store in Arcovia City. 

Hello, Popeyes!
I remember having Popeyes in California and it was pretty good. I'd drop by on Tuesdays to avail of its tempting price on its 2-piece dark or white meat chicken at $1.14 for thigh and leg; and $1.99 for breast and wing. However, it didn't really strike me as a superb dish worth lining up for hours. But I might be wrong given all the positive reviews I've read.
R and I dropped by a few days ago after a spontaneous grocery run at Landers and ordered [C7] 1-Piece Chicken with Spaghetti and Biscuit  (PHP149), [C8] 2-Piece Chicken with Rice (PHP169) and Creamy Crab Soup (PHP55). Our set meals include soda, lemonade, iced tea or pineapple juice as drink options. I liked that there's no additional cost for choosing non-carbonated drinks. R also ordered Strawberry Sundae (PHP30) for dessert. 
The place wasn't packed when we dropped by a bit past 12 but it was quickly filled up a few minutes later. 
We had to wait for about 10 minutes for our orders to be prepared. And it was a good thing that R remembered that C7 comes with biscuit as the staff was ready to entertain the next customer after handing ours. (I read somewhere that there were instances where this branch fail to complete orders. Make sure to double check your order especially if you're having yours for take away.)
R was so hungry that I wasn't able to take a solo shot of his order. But overall, both plates looked a bit sad and we couldn't help compare it to other fried chicken shops. 
Though small, one thing I loved about Popeye's chicken was that it wasn't overly greasy. The meat was juicy and tender and the skin was crispy in every bite. The gravy too was thick and unlimited. However, it didn't have a distinct taste that would make me crave for more.
The spaghetti had that nice blend of slight sweet and savory flavors with a kick of spice. The serving of sauce was just right for me but it might be a bit short for those who liked their pasta saucy. 
The biscuit was a good alternative to rice though it wasn't anything spectacular in my book. I did appreciate though that the sauce was served separately so that diners can control its level of sweetness. 

And speaking of rice, the rice R got with his 2 piece chicken was of poor quality. It was a bit too lumpy and cooked with too much water.
The Creamy Crab Soup was the only item that stood out. It was indeed creamy and flavorful. There were tiny bits of crab meat so I guess that makes it a legit crab soup
R claimed his sundae after finishing his meal and it was not at par with its competitors as well. The ice cream had that icy texture and wasn't creamy at all. The strawberry syrup was also just on top of the sundae. I found it not worth PHP30. 
Overall, it was an underwhelming visit for me. R was really disappointed and even felt sad after our meal. The only happy thought I could think of was that at least I didn't line up for this. Then again, I might give it another shot and try its spicy chicken. 
P.S. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad. It was just not as impressive as we thought.

Popeyes is located at Arcovia City, Ugong, Pasig City. It also has multiple branches in Metro Manila.

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