Thursday, April 13, 2017

First Bite: Main Street

I always see Main Street whenever I pass by Tuscany. I also noticed it while making my rounds in Kapitolyo when I hunt for new restaurants. But for some reason, I was never lured to pay this restaurant a visit. It may be because I was in the mood for something else whenever I see it or perhaps because of the several lukewarm reviews about its food I've read online. But food gods paved the way for me to find out myself if I'm missing out or not at all. 

Hello, Main Street

I was greeted by a well lit black and white signage and a dining area with warm yellow lights. The brown tables, lovely natural stone tiles and tan couches added warmth to the space making it quite homey and quite fitting in Kapitolyo. 
We were in for a treat as we were served a lot of dishes! 

First served were the poutinerie bowls-- Bacon (PHP230) and Smoked Pulled Pork (PHP240). 
Both fries are hand-cut and topped with mozzarella cheese curds. But the bacon bowl, aside from homemade applewood smoked bacon bits, had dark gravy while smoked pulled pork had barbecue sauce, chipotle mayo and chives. 
Despite both bowls sitting for over half an hour because of our passion for flatlay, I was impressed that the fries were not soggy at all and were still enjoyable. 
Though both had a note of sweetness and have similar taste, I'd go with smoked pulled pork as it had more flavor and the chipotle mayo and chives made it not your usual fries. 

For pasta, we sampled Italian Sausage Penne (PHP290) and Classic Carbonara (PHP320). 
The Italian Sausage Penne was the least popular dish that night as it was the only plate that we were not able to finish. Though the sausage was juicy and flavorful, the tomato basil cream sauce was too overwhelming. In fact, it had that pungent smell that I'm not fond of. 
The Classic Carbonara on the other hand was a crowd favorite. The creamy sauce overloaded with eggs was delightful and made extra delectable with bacon bits and parmesan cheese. 

While waiting for the pizzas, we feasted on Main Street's bestselling Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PHP290) and Spicy Chicken Sandwich (PHP260). 
The Spicy Chicken Sandwich was stuffed with one overwhelmingly huge chicken fillet topped with buffalo sauce, shredded cabbage, ranch sauce and pickles. I loved that the sandwich was just mildly spiced and that the chicken was juicy. However, it would have been better (and easier to eat) if the chicken fillet was a bit thinner. 
I was a bit underwhelmed with Main Street's bestselling fried chicken. Though good as it was crispy and juicy, it wasn't extraordinary or something that would make me go back for more. In fact, it was overshadowed by the Classic Carbonara. 
Chef Adam must be enjoying our company when he served all four pizzas for us to try. 

Meat and cheese lovers would love Steak and Gorgonzola (PHP350). The perfectly baked pizza was topped with succulent sliced kitayama flank steak and gorgonzola cheese drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction. The strong taste of gorgonzola and balsamic were balanced by arugula allowing the taste buds to appreciate the flavor of the steak. 
My favorite pizza that night was Bacon and Rosemary (PHP280). Topped with applewood smoked bacon, mozzarella, white cheese and rosemary drizzled with olive oil and honey garlic, it was a harmonious blend of flavors! The slight saltiness of the bacon was beautifully balanced by honey and rosemary added that delectable herby taste which made this pizza a winner in my book. 

The Italian (PHP290) was pretty good too. The sausage slices were juicy and I find it a safe order when with kids. 
Seafood Lovers (PHP360) was the most expensive among the pizzas and you'd understand why when you order it. Topped with fresh mussels and shrimps, this pizza good for 2-3 is actually bang for the buck. However, I found this dish to be on the bland side. Best to drizzle some chili oil to enhance the seafood's taste. 
I was a bit iffy to try the Miso Glazed Salmon (PHP390) as it looked a bit overcooked and the miso mustard sauce seemed a bit too thick and could overpower salmon's natural taste. 

I was pleasantly surprised though that it was quite good. The salmon remained moist despite the outer layer being too fried. The sauce also did not mask the fish's taste.

For desserts, we had Apple Crumble (PHP200) and Fudge Brownie a la Mode (PHP190). 

Both sweets were pretty good! I loved that the apple crumble's spiced apples remained crunchy and not mushy. It was also bliss eating it with ice cream.
But I enjoyed the fudge brownie a lot more than the apple crumble as I'm a hardcore chocolate lover. But aside from it being so chocolatey, I loved that the edges of the brownie were crunchy. I'm not sure if it was intentional or if it was over-baked but I like it that way. 
I also tried Margarita (PHP180) and got slightly tipsy when I reached the half of my glass. I'm not sure if I was too tired from work or if the drink was too strong. But if you want cheap cocktails, Main Street is a great option for you and your friends! 

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner. Though no savory dish particularly stood out for me to go back anytime soon, I'm glad I was able to join this fun looloo rendezvoos. I'll definitely swing by for more of the fudge brownies! 

Main Street is located at 10 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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