Monday, January 11, 2016

Second Bite: Adaäm and Yves

Organic? Blargh! Most restaurants that use that word come up with hella expensive dishes. And when this trend was still in its earlier stages, most establishments have no clue how to make it more palatable. I recall trying some out and I felt robbed for eating grass that costs like steak. A couple years later, they finally got the idea that healthy does not exactly have to be yucky. And one restaurant that captured my heart and tummy is… Adaäm and Yves.
It has been a few months since I last visited this dark yet charming place. The industrial interiors truly give this place a chill ambiance while its accent lights add elegance.
R and I were the early birds that night. The place just opened when we got in and the servers were still busy putting all the cutleries and condiments in place.
It was quite warm inside the restaurant as they just turned on the AC. The perk though of being early is the undivided attention of the staff.
Since R wasn’t very hungry, we decided to share Cabo Quesadillas (PHP340) and A Day is Ibiza (PHP495). We also ordered a glass of Coco Rocha (PHP175) for a sweet treat.

Service was quick as our dishes arrived in less than 20 minutes.
The serving of Cabo Quesadillas is quite generous and good for sharing. The toasted tortilla, which reminded me of crunchy pancake, was topped with free-range chicken sausage bits, cheese and sour cream.
I loved the play of textures and flavors. The crunchy base, soft and slightly salty chicken sausage bits, and creamy and tangy sauces all made this dish divine. I also loved the delightful sunny-side up egg that I had the pleasure to poke for its yellow yolk to ooze.
I was a bit disappointed with the serving size of the paella. It was quite small and it was even more expensive than the quesadillas. But it had two pieces of prawns,mussels and clams so... fine. 
I liked the texture of the Valencian-style organic red rice. It was slightly firmer than the usual grains I eat on regular days. It went well with the seafood toppings and it was even better with lemon juice drizzled on it to balance the paella's saltiness. It was also pretty heavy despite its small serving size.

Now, for the hot choco...
We actually ordered it after finishing our paella and that was the time when the restaurant was almost full house. 
I had to remind the staff about my drink twice as it took them over 45 minutes to prepare it. And when it was finally served, I gulped on a foreign looking piece that seemed like plastic as it had no taste. 

I showed the staff the piece I got and the server told me that it was Himalayan Rock Salt. But it didn't taste anything like salt.I couldn't even bite it. Hence, the server graciously offered to replace my drink with another one.
And it took them less than 10 minutes this time. Yay!
R told me that they must have just strained the drink and true enough, the sides of the glass had some spill marks. 

Despite the booboo though, I enjoyed the organic hot choco. It was rich and slightly thick without being overly sweet. In fact, it was a bit dark chocolatey to me. (That must explain why there was a small can of exquisite muscovado on the side.)

Overall, it was a filling and scrumptious dinner. R's friends rated some of the dishes 7 or 8. Y mentioned though that the crowd favorite Pink Floyd failed in terms of consistency as the pink rice and soup tend to separate. It wasn't like that during my first visit. It is likely that it was because of the busy kitchen. 

I do hope that they get to handle crowd better. R's friends had to wait for over 40 minutes for their dishes and I find it unacceptable. 

Adaäm and Yves is located at Ground Floor, Icon Plaza, 25th Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City. It is near Unit 27 Apartment and Mecha Uma

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