Friday, October 16, 2015

Love at First Bite: Spanglish

Looloo is an amazing app. I find myself relying on the app when I am traveling locally and have no idea where to eat. And last week, Looloo helped me find another great restaurant.

Hello, Spanglish!
After checking in our hotel, R and I went out for lunch to fill our tummies before C’s big day. And since we’re not familiar with the area, I checked Looloo for some recommendations. There were a bunch of Filipino restaurants in the list but the one that caught my attention was Spanglish.
Aside from the high rating, one of my schoolmates reviewed it too saying that it’s a gem in Clark. Convinced, we headed to the Mexican restaurant.
The complex where the restaurant is located looks abandoned with several retail spaces empty. Spanglish was the only area with a lot of customers. And we were lucky to get the last table inside the restaurant. (It was super hot that day!)

We decided to order the following: Chips and Salsa (PHP150), Chicken Quesadilla (PHP310), and Chimichanga Plate with shredded beef (PHP315). R also ordered a glass of House Blend Iced Tea (PHP65) while I got Espresso Triple Thick Milk Shake (PHP240).
First served was R’s iced tea and it was nothing spectacular. I also find it a bit too sweet to quench our thirst.
Chips and salsa was served next and it was quite filling. R and I ate nonstop and after 10 to 15 minutes of munching, the appetizer calmed our grumbling tummies. The pico de gallo was fresh though again, nothing extraordinary.
My Espresso milk shake was dessert and drink combined. It sure was thick and flavorful. I enjoyed it but I need it with a glass of water.

Finally, the mains were served.

We were surprised with the serving size of the dishes as we were told that their dishes are good for one. Well, it was good for one who has a huge appetite. Anyway…
The quesadilla was lovely. I loved that it was filled with chicken bits, cheese and spinach. It was flavorful on its own and it becomes even yummier with pico de gallo and Spanglish’s green sauce (which was the milder version of the “red jelly” sauce).
I also loved the chimichanga. Each bite was packed with shredded flavorful beef and cheese. I also loved the play of texture—crunchy wraps, mushy pinto beans, smooth cheese and tender beef. It was also delightful to eat it with pico de gallo, olives, and Mexican rice for additional flavor.
Overall, it was a great experience. The only downside was the annoying flies circling around our food. I hope Spanglish decides to open a branch or two in Manila.

Spanglish is located at Unit 7 & 8, Pavillion Mall, M.A.Roxas Highway, Clark, Pampanga.

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