Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Love at First Bite: Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant

R told me about this great seafood restaurant called Matutina on our way to Baguio. But since we were still full on our way (as we stopped over an icky McDonald’s) and we were too sleepy on our way home, we missed having a meal there. But a few weeks back, we stayed at a place which was near a few branches when we went to Clark for C’s big day. We didn’t exactly plan to drop by but R’s dad craved for it and so…

Hello, Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant!

It was a simple no frills seafood restaurant that has a bit of Padi’s Point minus alcohol feel to it. (Or let’s change it to Gerry’s Grill as an easier reference.)

Uncle H already ordered for us and we had Bangus na Inihaw (PHP130), Tanigue Kilawin (PHP180), and Sizzling Bangus Sisig (PHP180).

While waiting for our fish, we munched on some coconut candies wrapped like pastillas which were yummy! I failed to take photos as I was already hungry then.
For the price, the grilled milk fish was huge. It was grilled well as it was still juicy when it was served to us. I enjoyed it with soy sauce with calamansi.
Look at that belly!!!
I didn’t get to enjoy the kilawin as I had canker sore. Eating it was painful. >.< But I still managed to have a few bites and if you love tangy dishes, this is a must order for you!
The sizzling bangus sisig was delectable. It was a bit salty but nothing calamansi could not solve. I loved the crunchy bits. Friendly warning: this dish will make you eat more rice.

Overall, it was a great meal and value for money! I wanted to try more dishes but the ones I wanted were either unavailable or will take a long time to prepare. Well, at least I have a reason to visit again.

Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant is located at KM71, MacArthur Highway, San Isidro, San Fernando, Pampanga.

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  1. Oh my goodness that meal looks delicious!!! I have a love affair with fresh seafood but in our area we are unable to find it! I have never heard of the Kiliwan dish but it is going on my must try list. So glad you choose this place over McDonalds!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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