Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sweet Stop: Lucca Bakery

It’s always fun to be around my college friends. I witnessed the growth and maturity of our conversations. From homework and theses to household chores and banking and from crushes to… well, more crushes (but older). Okay, perhaps not all topics evolved to something more. But it has always been filled with laughter and at times some “kilig” too. And a few weeks back, we all met to celebrate our dear K’s birthday and shared some sweets at…

It has been a while since I last visited Lucca. It was still crowded and the menu didn’t change so much. And since it was packed, we opted to eat outside to avoid waiting for a table. But to our dismay, the tables were sticky and stinky. R who has a sensitive nose sure did not enjoy it. (And who would anyway?)

We decided to go for a slice of Hazelnut Indulgence (PHP145), S’mores Cookielato (PHP195) and Twix Cookielato (PHP175). R also ordered a glass of Green Tea Frappe (PHP145) while I got a cup of Cappuccino (PHP115).
First served was the slice of hazelnut indulgence and it had a weird rubbery or synthetic taste. We asked the server to replace it with another slice as it tasted really off. And the replacement slice tasted the same. We told the server that the weird taste was still there but I guess she got frustrated with us and began to raise her voice. (Uh oh!) Anyway, we soon discovered that it was the base that had a weird taste so the girls just ate the creamy part of the cake.
The cookielato desserts were way better! The warm cookie with gelato was perfect! Some prefer Twix with its rich caramel flavor while others like S’mores’ chewiness. I loved both and it’s hard to choose between the two.
As for our drinks, my cappuccino is nothing fancy or extraordinary. Same is true for R’s green tea. At least it was more refreshing than the Coffee Caramel I ordered before.
I’ll definitely skip cakes next time and just try the other cookielato flavors! Then again, the service was off when we complained about the hazelnut cake.

Lucca is located at 5th Floor SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City.

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